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01 Apr 2022

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Use Google Consent Mode to gain a competitive advantage with Google Ads

Browser and operating system restrictions of cookie use for data collection are maturing. Because of user privacy needs and compliance with laws such as GDPR, this trend is set to continue. Amazee metrics estimated 76% of users ignore consent banners. As a result, there’s a rise in gaps in your data – less click and conversion data in Google Ads. Google Consent Mode fills the gaps, sending anonymous cookieless click pings to Google Ads where users don’t consent. As a result, Google can model conversions based on opted-in data, filling the data gap.

What is Google Consent Mode (GCM)?

In short, its click collection and conversion modelling for users who didn’t opt-in to marketing cookies. Importantly, that helps recover lost conversions in Google Ads.

  • Sends click and conversion data compliantly to Google Ads where users decline consent. In other words where no data would otherwise have been sent.
  • Recover up to 70% of lost ad-click to conversion journeys through conversion modelling.
  • Works with gtag.js or Google Tag Manager.
  • Integrates with user consent banners including OneTrust and Cookiebot.

Why is it important?

Because using GCM plugs the gaps, most importantly supporting business confidence in the data.

  • Cookie restrictions mean conversions can’t always be tied back to a Google Ads click.
  • Up to 76% of visitors ignore consent banners, meaning less conversion data reported in Google Ads.
  • GCM sends cookieless hits, and will improve the accuracy of your conversion data in Google Ads through conversion modelling.

What to do next?

Firstly, you’ll want to follow these four steps. As a result you’ll improve the accuracy of your conversion data in Google Ads.

  • Check your user consent platform supports Google Consent Mode.
  • Ask your developers to implement GCM on every page of your website.
  • Configure your marketing tags to send hits based on user consent choices. Google auto consent mode tags will require no additional configuration.
  • Get in touch with RocketMill for support in implementing GCM in your website.

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