A Small Digital Marketing Agency by Design

We’re half digital marketing agency, half consultancy, valued for our thinking as much as our doing.


What Our Clients Say

“Being a small team ourselves we were thrilled to find a local agency that approached our business with such energy and enthusiasm. RocketMill demonstrate an abundance of skill and knowledge which allows us to continually improve and grow. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”
Faye Price
Online Marketing Manager

Our Approach

We believe today’s digital challenges require clear thinking and agile execution. Platforms, technologies and formats come and go, but your audience is permanent. We build audience-first strategies that raise your digital game in perpetuity, and implement them fast.

We believe in creating beautiful digital experiences. Visual design, usability and successful marketing campaigns are symbiotic. We believe you can foster an audience and hit commercial goals simultaneously through research, best practice and UX reverence.

Digital marketing is different in every company, and we adapt our approach to suit you. Our small team of digital specialists are your trusted counsellors, your seventh column, or both. We work hard to make sure we’re not hard work.

Why We Do What We Do

For one another

We enjoy a kinetic environment where everyone is contributing towards a common goal. We believe in helping our team grow personally and professionally, and sharing our expertise with transparency.

For our clients

Everyone is entitled to beautiful digital experiences, and we deliver a competitive advantage for clients by helping them delight their audiences, in turn increasing revenue and retention.

For everyone

We want to make the web a more rewarding experience for people. This belief is the cornerstone of all our work, and we spend every day dreaming up new ways to make the web a better place to live.

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