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Dynamic Media Mix

Dynamic Media Mix offers marketers a privacy-conscious way to orchestrate the combined performance of online and offline marketing efforts, while remaining grounded in robust statistical and machine learning methods.

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A privacy-first solution that allows marketers to identify the true incremental value of channels and tactics for both online and offline media.

Octane Tables

All of your data in one place, united under a universal set of KPIs. Our extensive data pipelines automate time consuming reporting processes.


Campaign hygiene and quality assurance should not be a luxury; our Housekeeping solution automates health checks and provides instant alerts across multiple channels, ensuring your marketing campaigns are always in peak condition.

SQR Tool

Unearthing new search query opportunities at scale allows us to add more value to our clients’ accounts at a faster pace. The efficiency that automation creates allows us to focus on the most important things; driving strategy, innovation and performance for you.

Event Based Marketing

Major sporting and high-net-worth events, fluctuations in the stock market, changes in the weather, and many more significant cultural moments. Our Event Based Marketing product allows us to activate expertly curated campaigns targeting the moments that matter most to your brand’s audiences.

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