Our story

The UK’s largest employee owned agency
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Big ambitions

Our aim is to become the UK’s largest agency.

The environment we have built, using employee ownership as its foundation, is truly disruptive, attracting the best talent to our business.

People thrive here, doing the finest work of their careers for our clients, inspiring loyalty and attracting the best brands in UK marketing.

It is a simple model, it is demonstrably different and it’s one where the key people (our team and clients) win.


Humble beginnings

We were founded in 2009, by Ben and Sam Garrity, to help very small businesses capitalise on the arrival of digital media.

Being a self funded start-up, it was the humblest of starts, with a life or death feel about it.

Their first sales remain among their career highlights so far; Ben fell off his chair in an MOT garage pitch (it literally fell apart) and Sam presented on the dashboard of a builders van on-site.

This is when they knew RocketMill was going to work, and when they invested in our first office – a single room that was so small you had to ask the colleague next to you to shuffle out in order to exit it (they bought desks that were too big).

Today, with some wrong turns and many proud moments along the way, we are the largest employee owned agency in the UK, working with a host of incredible brands.

But much more importantly, we are surrounded by wonderful people.

An agency is nothing more than its people.

Their talent defines our success.

Their behaviour defines our culture.

That’s why we are independent and employee owned, so that we can commit to a philosophy that results in our team and clients winning.

Sam and Ben Garrity
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