Google has recently given users the ability to add shopping advert overlays to their YouTube videos. This is an excellent feature to enhance and help monetise a YouTube content. If, for example, you like to put out product reviews of your products via your YouTube channel, these campaigns would be a great companion as they would be highly relevant to the content of the video. They run from the data feed within your merchant centre and don’t require much extra time in terms of setup.

As we know, shopping campaigns are one of the best ways to maximise ROI within an AdWords account, so when I see enhancements for these campaigns being released by Google it really excites me as a marketer. Using the data we collect from standard shopping campaigns coupled with the reduced cost associated with display network advertising, it feels like YouTube shopping overlays could be an ROI goldmine.

I also think that these kinds of campaign breed creativity. If, for example, you were an ecommerce retailer selling a wide array of products, you could tailor your YouTube content with these campaigns in mind.

It’s now getting towards late November, meaning that we are now in the run-up to the busiest trading period of the year with Black Friday and Christmas around the corner. You could easily use this to your advantage by producing a video called “Top 10 Xmas Gifts Of 2015” (that you sell, obviously) to be hosted on your YouTube account, and then overlaying those ten products as ads within the video. This way you’ve created valuable, relevant and informative content that your customers are interested in engaging with, along with a direct link to the products they are finding out about on the screen.

To summarise, I think that these campaigns will be an extremely powerful tool moving forward, especially during busy retail periods when a potential customer may be more ready to make a quick decision on a purchase. As long as the content that is being pushed out on YouTube is engaging and useful to the client, I think you’ll probably end up seeing better returns for historical YouTube campaigns.