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21 Aug 2023

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YouTube Ad Sequencing: Storytelling across the purchase journey

Ad sequencing allows you to serve a planned sequence of ads that tells users a story across their purchase journey. 

Each ad group contains exactly one ad; ad group-level targeting is not available. Ad level is where you choose which video you want at each step of the sequence. 

Pausing an ad group/ad will cause the following ads in the sequence to stop serving. Changing videos during a sequence will cause some users to miss or repeat steps – this will also result in reports and lift studies being inaccurate.

How they work

We are naturally captivated by great stories. Ad sequencing helps create a memorable experience for your target audience, assisting in decreasing ad fatigue.

User interactions that prompt a sequence to begin are:

Impression: the ad was served

View: the user watched at least 30-seconds (only for skippable in-stream ads) 

Skip: the user clicked skip ad (only for skippable in-stream ads) 

Through our own testing, we have found that ad sequencing drives as much as a 55% uplift in brand awareness, compared to just 9% for skippable in-stream ads.

Getting started

Start testing and measuring uplifts with brand lift studies. There are lots of structures to explore – here are a few templates to start testing:

Introduce and reinforce (2 steps)

long video  →  short video

Prompt and inspire (2 steps) 

short video  →  long video 

Attract and direct (3 steps)

short video  → long video  → short video

Engage and differentiate (4 steps)

short video  → short video  → short video  → short video

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team for support.