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27 Feb 2023

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Why brands should consider 3D in digital advertising

3D advertising is challenging traditional advertising methods as brands create more interactive content to attract and engage their audiences.

3D experiences more easily cut through advertising noise and communicate brand messages in a highly immersive way.

With online advertising growing year-on-year, people are becoming increasingly uninterested in traditional advertising methods. To stay ahead, it’s essential to find new, captivating ways to keep your audience’s attention.

Why should my brand use 3D advertising?

Here are some reasons why your brand should use 3D advertising:

How can I start using 3D in my advertising?

If you are looking to use 3D in your advertising mix, we suggest considering one of the following:

  • Augmented reality (Meta Spark, Snapchat Spark AR)
  • 3D visualization (photorealistic object showcase, 3D products previews on the websites)
  • 3D motion graphics (animations, video, Google Swirl)

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