Awesome days start with DryNites®

Case Study


Bedwetting is a source of anxiety for children and parents. 

DryNites® want to ease these worries. 

How do we position them as the solution?


From audience research we identified the pain points.

Worry and anxiety before bedtime.

A broken nights sleep.

An upsetting start to the day.

A fear of a detrimental impact on their little ones childhood.


We wanted to focus on the emotional benefits of being a happy, worry free child.

Our story was simple, provide unbeatable night time protection while communicating:

Kids can go to bed worry-free

Have a dry night's sleep

And wake up awesome!

Creative examples

Our previous DryNites® activity helped grow the brand by 7.5% and allowed them to hit record sales in 2020


Awesome days start with DryNites® launched February 2021