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15 Mar 2023

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We are RocketMill: This is Izzy Scott-Evans


We are RocketMill
This is Summer Knights

Our SEO team comprises technical and content specialists. Summer Knights joined RocketMill through our SEO academy and, one year on, has moved from a technical role to become a member of our content team. In our second We are RocketMill blog, we talk about her role as SEO Content Executive.

Your role in a sentence?

Supporting the content team with deliverables, including research, writing, and planning.

Favourite part of your role?

Copywriting, with which I get to learn a great deal about our clients. The research and planning that goes into the articles we create is very in-depth and tailored to each client.

Your journey so far?

I began as part of the SEO Academy. When I passed the academy I was a technical SEO Executive for around six months. I was then able to move to the content team—something I had voiced my interest in since starting at RocketMill. The team listened, and—sooner that I expected—were able to move me to the team that fit me best.

Best project to date?

Being part of the post-Helpful Content strategy for one of our biggest clients has felt very rewarding. Seeing that they had taken a hit from the new system update and being able to assist with the work that would help them recover has been a great learning experience.

Advice for someone looking to start in SEO Content?

Having a great team around you who are willing to teach and support you is very important. It can probably be done alone, but content is something that can be quite subjective, and the opinions of others can prove very valuable. I have learnt a great deal from my team, and wouldn’t be half as efficient without them.

Best thing about working at RocketMill?

The opportunity at RocketMill is endless. Your path of progression can be tailored to you and you can really build a career here. On top of that, the team as a whole are incredibly talented and there is so much to learn from so many people.

Life outside of RocketMill?

Outside of RocketMill I’m a Creative. I like to read and write— which is probably why I was so drawn to content. I’ve got a degree in Acting, and it’s nice to know that with RocketMill’s somewhat flexible working hours I am still able to pursue this if the opportunity arises. Experience being in front of an audience also means I’m more than comfortable presenting in front of a team, a definite bonus!