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19 Apr 2024

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We are RocketMill
This is Stefan Domzalski

Informed by user research and testing, our UX team design user-centered website and app experiences, optimised for business performance. Senior UX Designer, Stefan Domzalski shares more on his career in UX so far below.

Your role in a sentence?

I mediate between business goals and user needs through design, research and testing.

Favourite part of your role?

My favourite part of being a UX Designer is understanding the ways that users behave across digital platforms and helping them to achieve their goals more efficiently and intuitively.

Your journey so far?

I started out as a UX Designer for a SaaS company, which gave me a great start designing for specific user goals in a highly regulated industry. I wanted to work in a place where I could learn a lot across a wide range of companies and an agency is the perfect place to do this. Being born and bred in Brighton, RocketMill was the obvious choice. Since joining two years ago, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would in such a short timeframe – and have now moved to London as a result of the company’s expansion.

Best project to date?

My best project to date was one of my first at RocketMill. We were tasked with carrying out a UX audit on a retail website, which would go on to inform a CRO program.

The audit consisted of Heuristic analysis, data analysis and user testing. It gave such an insight into how users thought and felt about the website, and we were then able to increase the site’s revenue by hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result of changes we implemented. Our upfront efforts informed the CRO tests, these were small changes with a big impact – which is the dream!

Advice for someone looking to start in UX?

Immerse yourself in all the mountains of content that the UX world has to offer. Learn by being in the environment, don’t rely too much on courses (although they are helpful) to get your knowledge. No one course will give you the keys to success.

Be pragmatic and outcome focussed about all the work you’re doing. Question everything, and rely on evidence to get you through.

Best thing about working at RocketMill?

I’ve never felt as cared for in the workplace as I do at RocketMill, it’s fun and there is genuinely not a single bad person that works here!

Life outside of RocketMill?

I love playing pool and snooker for a bit of downtime. Cooking, going out and trying new restaurants (and revisiting old ones), will always be my favourite hobby.