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30 Mar 2023

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This is Sam Minoudis

Our Media team works across Search, Social and Display to drive business performance by optimising media investments. Sam Minoudis joined RocketMill through our Media academy following a career in Construction. Now a Media Executive, he talks about how he started a new career in a completely different sector, and his experience at RocketMill 18 months in.

Your role in a sentence?

Planning, building, maintaining, and reporting on ad campaigns for our clients on social media.

Favourite part of your role?

Thinking of creative ways to achieve our clients’ marketing goals and improve their performance – but more so interacting with and learning from super-driven and talented people every day.

Your journey so far?

I joined the academy as a trainee 18 months ago, spending three months learning the fundamentals of performance marketing from experienced members of the agency. After passing an exam and building a portfolio of client work, I was promoted to Media Executive.

Best project to date?

Completely restructuring a client’s Facebook and Instagram accounts using a new strategy, and seeing performance skyrocket as a result!

Advice for someone looking to start in Media Buying?

Get online and get busy! Use YouTube, Google, blogs, forums, etc. to learn the basics of digital marketing for a good foundation of knowledge. Free courses will also help to prepare for the stream of new terms and ideas you’ll be introduced to (great for the CV too).

Best thing about working at RocketMill?

Rocketmill thinks outside the box – a major factor in why a 32 year-old (me!), who was working as a labourer and project manager for a construction firm, was able to start a new career in a completely different sector, with no previous formal experience. 

The agency’s progressive, ethical, and professional approach to life and work make Rocketmill an extremely fun and rewarding place to be – which keeps people happy, engaged, and driven to reach their potential.

The monthly social events are a lot of fun too..!