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22 Jun 2023

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Leveraging expertise with a range of analytics tools and a creative approach to analysis, our analytics team provide valuable insights for our clients and ensures their effective use of data. Analytics Executive, Katy Kaminarides joined RocketMill ten months ago to start her career in Analytics. She shares details of her experience so far below.

Your role in a sentence?

I support clients to develop and execute data-driven strategies, leverage insights, and enhance decision-making across their organisation.

Favourite part of your role?

The best part of my role would have to be getting deep into technical challenges. It’s always satisfying to solve a problem and watch the data flow as you intended – whether it’s debugging an issue, finding the most intuitive way to tag a website or writing up scripts. It’s the ultimate puzzle and it’s impossible to get bored!

Your journey so far?

I came to RocketMill with previous experience in digital marketing, but only a top-level grasp of analytics. It was an avenue I had wanted to explore for a while but hadn’t found a role that would focus on training and building you up. This is where RocketMill really stood out to me, and made it clear from the start that learning was at the core, even after training had been completed.

Nine months down the line and I’m thrilled at how much I’ve learnt and grown into the role, becoming independent on projects with a brilliant team supporting me. I’m very excited by the fact that I know this is only the beginning!

Best project to date?

Without a doubt, my best project to date was getting to work alongside the lovely team at Orveon for Laura Mercier and bareMinerals! Supporting international beauty brands that I adore with their projects has been the perfect blend of bringing two interests together.

Advice for someone looking to start in analytics?

Being actively curious and asking questions will be the best way to elevate your skills – the landscape of analytics is always evolving and we’re all learning on the go, no matter your expertise level. 

I’m always guilty of starting my sentences with, ‘This might be a stupid question, but…’ –  it sounds cliche, but there truly is never a stupid question!

Best thing about working at RocketMill?

RocketMill has absolutely been the best choice I’ve made for my career! The strong focus on uplifting and enabling you to progress, the celebration of every win – no matter how tiny or extraordinary – and of course the fabulous people I get to work with on a daily basis makes being a part of the RocketMill team a brilliant place to be.

Life outside of RocketMill?

A day for me is not complete without a cup of coffee, especially during a good walk around town. Having just moved to London, I have plenty of exploring to do – and a great excuse for more coffee to fuel it!

I am absolutely skincare-obsessed and enjoy getting creative on my instagram blog posting product reviews and promoting positivity around mental health and skin conditions. There’s a whole community that surrounds this topic and it’s really amazing to be a part of.