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01 Jun 2023

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This is Julia Saborowski

From TV ads to Creative Optimisation testing, our Creative team craft brand defining advertising campaigns that drive business performance through strategy, creation and production. Julia Saborowski joined RocketMill almost a year ago as a Creative Producer, with skills as a Graphic Designer and experience in brand management, here’s what her role entails.

Your role in a sentence?

Together with the Head of Creative Operations, Russ, I manage workloads and projects for the creative team, making sure everything runs smoothly, is on budget, on time and according to the brief. In short, we make things happen!

Favourite part of your role?

I love how incredibly varied my role is, one day is rarely ever the same as the next which is super exciting. On a day-to-day basis I liaise with multiple people across the agency and get to be part of idea generations for projects of all shapes and sizes. Seeing the final result of a campaign is incredibly rewarding, especially when the whole team pulled together for it.  It’s also amazing to work with a team that has a lot of experience and is so passionate about the industry and what they do, everyone always wants to push the creative and works hard to deliver outstanding work which massively contributes to our culture and the team spirit. 

Your journey so far?

My journey to become a creative producer actually wasn’t that straightforward! I moved to the UK from Germany after finishing my master’s degree in International Politics and instantly started interning at social media agencies where I learned about PR and marketing. From there I moved into brand management in London and then began working in design, which I loved so much I ended up training as a graphic designer. When the opportunity at RocketMill came up, I instantly thought that it perfectly combined my skills and experiences and was a “best of both worlds” scenario. I’m really glad that I got to dip into multiple different disciplines before finding a role that suited me so well. 

Best project to date?

I work with multiple clients across a wide range of projects and each one presents unique challenges with their own highs and lows. It’s not necessarily a single project, but late last year we found ourselves, as a team, to be incredibly busy with loads of projects to deliver and deadlines to hit. It was hectic at times, but the whole team pulled together with everyone supporting each other and we got everything done in time. This led to some of the campaigns seeing great results in the first few months of the year, which made me very proud of our team and our common goal to deliver outstanding work.

Advice for someone looking to start in the creative department?

Find your niche and focus on what you enjoy the most, because passion and love for your work will differentiate you from others. When I changed careers and worked as a designer I thought I needed to be a jack-of-all-trades and know my way around the entire Adobe Suite, but it was my love for managing projects, creative development and working with a team that eventually led me to a role I didn’t even know existed. Once you’ve identified your strength, learn as much as you can and become an expert. Don’t worry about knowing it all. When you love what you’re doing and you put your heart and soul into it (as cheesy as it might sound!), it will make all the difference and recruiters/managers will instantly notice it. Also, never be too afraid to ask or take part in brainstorms only because you’re new to the industry or a “junior”. Even a small idea or thought can lead to something big!

Best thing about working at RocketMill? 

I was welcomed with open arms into the team and the wider agency, everyone was nothing but lovely. I was always encouraged to ask as many questions as I needed and everyone made sure I felt supported at all times. The culture I’ve experienced here so far is unmatched, the people always come first and everyone is encouraged to grow, not just within their career path but also as a person. Our senior leadership team is very transparent and highly values feedback which is very reassuring. I think we all share a vision, love to have fun and want RocketMill to be a great place to work. 

Life outside of RM?

I absolutely love art galleries and museums! They always inspire me and make me want to create some cool work. Even though Brighton is a super creative and vibrant city, the art museums here aren’t the best. If I can’t make it to London I love browsing shops like “They made this” or “Enter Gallery” instead.  My perfect day consists of going to an exhibition somewhere, a long browse in the gift shop to check out the books and posters after and then finishing with a glass of wine and some overpriced small plates. That’s my happy place!