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27 Apr 2023

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Our Analytics team delivers connected measurement across web analytics and media platforms for our clients, ensuring exceptional campaign performance through the application of data and technology. Providing a snapshot into the world of Analytics at RocketMill, Senior Analytics Executive, Jess Scholefield, answers seven quick-fire questions below.

Your role in a sentence?

I plan and implement robust measurement and reporting solutions for clients, troubleshoot any data anomalies that arise and analyse data to identify actionable insights and opportunities for KPI performance optimisation.

Favourite part of your role?

Mystery solving! Be it debugging a data anomaly, working through a strategy and planning puzzle or an analysis project.

Your journey so far?

My journey has been a little bit unconventional! I started my career studying Psychology and ended up working in Hotel Marketing. I developed a passion for Data and Analytics through self-study during lockdown and the rest is history.

Best project to date?

This is a hard one! I’ve loved every project I’ve worked on. Each one presents so many opportunities to grow and learn with the team, our clients and as an individual both professionally and personally.

If I had to pick just one it would probably be a lead form performance analysis piece I worked on earlier this year. From project planning through to delivery; being able to walk the client through their data story and put forward well received data-driven recommendations with a view to optimise both lead form submissions and quality of leads…no better feeling!

Advice for someone looking to start in Analytics?

Be curious! An enquiring mind is your biggest asset. As analysts we’re constantly navigating an ever-changing and technical industry landscape. A true passion for data while being a dynamic, critical but collaborative thinker is a strong foundation and a great first step on the Analytics journey. Also, get stuck into projects of your own, you’ll not only hone the skills you’ve learned but have a great portfolio to showcase those skills.

Best thing about working at RocketMill?

Hands down, the people! The people-centric culture at RocketMill is lived, not just spoken about, and allows us to develop personally and professionally without boundaries.

Life outside of RocketMill?

New dog mom, outdoor adventurer, gamer, magic: The Gathering card collector and (bad) player and whisky nerd.