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03 May 2022

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What is it?

Feed driven creative is where you use spreadsheets with messaging and links to imagery/footage to automatically populate design templates, in programs such as Adobe After Effects.

Why is it important?

For an effective media campaign, you want to be able to adjust your written and visual language to talk to different audiences at different stages of the funnel and/or take advantage of seasonal peaks in interest.

Creating these assets on an individual basis can be costly. If your budget is stretched, you might end up wasting media budget on adverts where the creative doesn’t resonate with the audience, and ultimately underperforms.

By automating within the Adobe Creative Suite, you don’t lose any creative control.

What to do next?

Consider your campaign strategy and whether you have the necessary assets to reach your goals.

If not, explore feed-driven creative production with your in-house team or agency.

And if you need help, reach out to our creative team.