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02 Mar 2023

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Our Client Leadership team play a pivotal role in bringing together all of our services and shaping transformational customer experiences across channels. In the first of our We are RocketMill series, we sit down with Senior Account Manager, Cal Stannard, to ask some quick-fire questions and learn about his career journey and experiences so far.

Your role in a sentence?

Ultimately I work as the client’s voice within the agency; ensuring I have an intimate understanding of their business, I can then draw from the agency’s full arsenal to help them to achieve their goals digitally. 

Favourite part of your role?

Easily the people. I feel very lucky that my position allows me to meet and work with a huge number of fantastic characters from clients to the different internal teams. Lots of daily inspiration. 

Your journey so far?

I had no idea what I wanted to do for work growing up and was always a big bookworm so went to university to study Literature. Afterwards I tried a bit of culture journalism and was drawn to the marketing side of things. I landed my first proper job for a local agency putting brochure websites together for local businesses. From there, I got stuck into the ever-changing digital hub of Brighton and worked my way up to its best agency.

Best project to date?

Impossible to pick one as no week is the same. I have always had a soft spot for a video project though and RocketMill has given me the chance to work on some truly amazing pieces. Be it running after toddlers or putting kids in lab coats, shooting a fake YouTube car tutorial or getting in the swimming pool – there’s never a dull moment when the camera’s rolling. Lots of laughs! 

Advice for someone looking to start in Client Leadership?

The key is absolutely good communication. Be it face-to-face or over email; put the work in to get confident in speaking to people. You’ve got to be a good listener though and always ready to learn and ask questions. Most of all; remember that the best way to do great work together is to be open, work hard and be kind. 

Best thing about working at RocketMill? 

I always say this – RocketMill is the only agency I’ve ever come across that genuinely walks the walk. We all know – alongside client work – we need to be focusing on mental health, diversity, environmental responsibilities, equal opportunities. But RocketMill doesn’t just do it to tick boxes; it’s part of the agency’s lifeblood and I see it in practice every day. I’ve felt the benefits of that myself and I work hard to pass that along wherever I can. 

Life outside of RocketMill?

I have a three year old daughter who I happily let monopolise every spare minute I have. Otherwise I love music, books and film. I’m a Brighton boy at heart so I love the city. Catch me running laps of Preston Park on my lunch breaks.