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11 Jan 2023

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The standout creative campaigns of 2022

Over the past twelve months we’ve seen some brilliant creativity; from inspirational brand refreshes to moving social campaigns. Here’s a list of the work that for us, stood out from the rest in 2022.


Tabasco – brand refresh

Tabasco created a new visual identity that worked to bring together the brand’s existing variety of sauces. Using bold colours and text as well as reimagining the iconic Tabasco diamond.

Wish – rebrand

This rebrand completely re-invented the previous identity and gave the company a fresh and fun new visual style that people can trust.

Social media/OOH

Smile Movie – Guerilla marketing

A perfect example of guerilla marketing where paid actors would ‘photo-bomb’ televised sports matches to promote the horror film.

British Airways – A British Original

A funny and clever campaign that uses type as the focus, showing the variety of reasons someone may choose to travel.

Charity/Social change

Whisper – The Missing Chapter

With the goal of educating young girls in India, the Missing Chapter campaign made a huge impact on the cultural stigma surrounding menstrual health.

Macmillan – Whatever it takes

This campaign is a poignant and powerful piece of advertising that clearly shows the compassion and care of Macmillan workers throughout the UK.

What’s clear from our round-up is that there’s no one approach that fits all. Each creative challenge is unique, requiring a deep understanding of the brand, its sector, its audience and the cultural context in which it operates.

With that in mind, if you need support with your brand strategy, get in touch with our creative team today.