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Facebook Ads Relevancy and increasing your ranking: RocketMill Moment

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Facebook recently released a new scoring system that is focused on ensuring that engaging, interesting and relevant ads are shown to users, and about time too. But from a marketer’s perspective since Facebook and Instagram have become cluttered platforms, it has become increasingly challenging to stop the scrolling thumb with our ads.

The scoring system consists of three parts:

  1. Your engagement rate ranking
  2. Your conversion rate ranking
  3. Your overall ad quality ranking

All three are ranked against ads that are competing for the same audience and they are ranked from above average to the bottom 10% of ads.

The higher the ranking the greater the benefits – such as greater reach or a lower CPM which will reward you with a lower CPA.

How to increase your Facebook Ad Relevancy ranking

Reassess your target audience

This may seem obvious but it is vital to ensure you’re targeting the right audience. You may find that your ad quality and engagement rate ranking is above average but your conversion rate ranking is below average.

This is when you may want to rethink your audience and adjust your targeting to a higher intent user.

Be bold with your creative

Think outside the box and be playful and memorable with your ads. They need to stand out above your competitors’ ads in order for you to increase the chance of increasing your conversion rate and engagement rate ranking.

Keep the assessment and analysis consistently fresh

In order to increase your conversion rate ranking, keep testing and experimenting. Find out what works and what doesn’t by trialling small yet effective changes. Uncover what ad format resonates most with your target audience. Play with in-feed versus stories. Try instant experience in addition to testing a range of CTAs.

And have fun with it. At RocketMill, we’re big believers in passion translating to your work. If you enjoy what you do, it shows.

Handy glossary:

  • CTA – call to action. An instruction to the audience to provoke a response e.g. read more.
  • CPA – cost per acquisition. Used to calculate the price the advertiser pays for specified acquisition.
  • CPM – cost/impressions x 1000. Used to calculate the total cost of an ad campaign.