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23 Jan 2022

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Should you be using Mail Metro Media Ad Manager?

What is it?

Mail Metro Media Ad Manager is a new platform allowing advertisers to buy ads exclusively on the following digital properties:

  • Daily Mail (
  • Metro (
  • i Newspaper (

Whilst buying ads on these websites is nothing new, being a self-serve platform opens up & simplifies the process of placing ads, with no minimum spends required.

CPMs (cost per one thousand impressions) are set out up-front based on the campaign type you choose to run:

  • Audience & Content campaigns – £3.80 CPM
  • Pre-roll Video campaigns – £14.80 CPM

Campaigns can be launched within 24 hours, with the system supporting uploading your own creative, or the option to build creative within the platform.

Why is it important?

As a platform, Metro Media Group reaches 10 million users each day through its digital properties, with the group reaching more than 1 in 5 UK adults each day when you include traditional print media.

From a brand safety perspective, a controlled publisher environment avoids the risk of appearing on lower quality, third party websites, next to editorial content that may reflect poorly against your brand.

Audience and Content campaigns allow advertisers to either target a specific audience profile, or target specific content to show ads against. 

  • Note – contextual targeting should see further growth in advertisers display strategies with 3rd party cookies depreciating in 2022.

This self-serve platform opens up an opportunity for SMEs to purchase ad space, without the additional overheads of direct buys, or the minimal levels of control when buying inventory through other platforms (such as Google Display Network).

What to do next?

Firstly, consider how well your target audience fits into the demographics these publishers reach, as well as how your ads could interplay with different types of content (Business, News etc..)

If you’re already running display advertising, you can also segment your activity by placement and filtering on the Mail Metro Media domains.

And if these domains are already delivering positive results for you, make sure going direct and testing this platform is high on your roadmap.

It’s important to think about how to measure success for this activity prior to launch.

Plan a testing roadmap ahead of launch and be sure to experiment with different targeting and creative executions.

Within this you will want a measurement framework to evaluate media performance with the right KPIs & metrics at each stage. 

And of course, you can ask our Media team for help if you need it.