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After the research, wireframes and prototypes have been completed and tested, we begin to focus on the emotive side of the journey. Here we aim to understand user’s emotional needs and how they coincide with your business goals.

We take the time to understand your brand, suggest how to develop it for an online context and ensure it is conveyed in the most effective way within the web design. Doing this will heighten the user’s affiliation with your brand and motivate them to want to do business with you.


How we do it


It’s important to have a strong affiliation with your brand in order for this part of the journey to prove successful. The design of a website is reliant on how a business’s brand is conveyed, and this will need to be defined clearly before any visual elements are designed.

Depending on the solidity and relevance of your brand, we will work with you to understand its direction and offer any expertise (if needed) to ensure it works in a digital marketing context.


A common scenario we often come across is working with branding guidelines that are heavily weighted to print applications. Although necessary, we encourage such guidelines to take the next step by creating a company style guide and/or pattern library. By including elements that have HTML and CSS considerations, we can ensure your brand is future-proof and consistent within all your digital assets. We will work with you to create such guides and libraries with the development skills we have in-house.


The beauty of digital is that your brand doesn’t have to be static anymore. The ability to include animations and interactive motions within your digital assets means you can define how your digital product feels as well as how it looks. Our team of front-end developers can help you define the interaction design you want to associate with your brand as you progress.


Considering disciplines such as branding and interaction design, we use our years of graphic design experience to bring wireframe prototypes to life. We will work with you to ensure your brand is represented correctly, and work with the content team to ensure the messages we convey resonate with your target audience. Working alongside a considered user experience and precise information architecture will give you a digital asset that will work well and push your brand forward.

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“RocketMill isn’t just a supplier to us, it acts like a true partner. Not only do they know what’s happening some time before it’s happened, but are ready with a prioritised action plan of how we should deal with it now.”
Simon Jary
Publishing Director

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