The User Experience agency where success is guaranteed

We help clients generate more revenue by optimising their digital properties to make them a more rewarding experience for their customers.

And we back this up with outcome based engagements for clients, staking our financial reward upon your success.


It’s not the size of your audience that counts – it’s what you do with it. We believe in helping businesses of all sizes create beautiful digital experiences which captivate visitors, build trust and drive revenue growth.

The process starts by understanding your users – who they are, what needs they have, and what they struggle with. Armed with this knowledge we use the most appropriate research techniques to prototype and build experiences which delight users, meet client needs, complement our other teams’ work, and meet your business goals.

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What We Do

Research & Strategy

We don’t work on assumptions. All of our User Experience work begins with research, including user journey mapping, card sorting and heatmap analysis, to make sure we understand the problem.

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Information architecture

The fundamentals of your site design play a key role in User Experience, so that’s where we start. Your information architecture is the foundation upon which your user experience is built, and we will audit and optimise to ensure subsequent work sings.

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Wireframing & Prototyping

We’ll iteratively develop wireframes and interactive prototypes throughout our work, allowing you to see exactly what the outcomes of our User Experience work will look like. These prototypes allow for more meaningful feedback, better awareness of upcoming development tasks, and more transparent collaboration between teams.

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Front-end Design

Our creative team can help build and optimise your digital presence, or work in collaboration with your in-house team to ensure your digital assets fit your brand, fulfil their purpose, and are performing as well as they can be.

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What Our Clients Say

“RocketMill deliver exactly what they promise. We really feel the whole RocketMill team are engaged in our business, our objectives and the shared success of our campaigns.”
Colin Morrison
Head of Customer Development

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