Website Migration

Migrating your website is a lot like moving home: the excitement of new opportunities tempered by the stress of managing logistics – and the worry that something could go wrong.

Whether you plan to change your site layout, CMS platform, domain name, or even your whole business model, our team will help you plan and execute the migration. We examine your site on a macro level as well as keeping an eye on the details. Done well, a site migration can have a huge positive impact on your digital marketing activities.


How we do it

Migration plan

Our technical and strategic teams will collaborate on a migration plan that works for your business. First we’ll learn the purpose of your migration, be it a new look, new products, or an entire new territory. Then we will prepare a comprehensive migration document: an essential point of reference before, during and after the move. This defines every action needed to successfully migrate your website.

Redirect mapping

When you change the address of a webpage, links to the old address will break. Because natural links play a crucial role in determining your organic ranking, this can have a catastrophic effect on your visibility and traffic. We are experts at creating website redirect maps that bridge the gap between old and new addresses, to ensure users and search engines are rerouted without disruption.

Hand-in-hand support

Our technical SEO consultants will provide regular email and phone support as you transfer your website to its new location. Following our guidance will help your site and traffic remain as stable as possible.

Post-migration testing

After your site move, our technical team will test your website to verify its integrity. We will make sure addresses from your old website redirect to the appropriate location on your new site, and test for errors with analytics tracking or ecommerce functionality. We will also monitor error messages and notifications from Google Search Console.

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What Our Clients Say

“I often forget that the team at RocketMill are a separate company because they are so integrated in our business it feels as if they’re part of the family. They deliver everything that’s promised, achieve consistently positive results and I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else.”
Jenny Naiff
Head of Digital Marketing

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