We'll give you a backlink profile you can be proud of.

We take a proactive approach to link auditing.

Brands should earn links through positive PR, instead of building them for SEO.

Poor-quality links lead to Google penalties, which remove your site from search results.

If your organic visibility is suffering because of link building, we can help.

Our technical consultants will identify the lowest quality links to your website.

Then, we will sever the links, rebuilding search engines’ trust in your site.

First, we track down your inbound links.

We begin by finding all the links pointing at your website.

Firstly, we source up-to-date inbound link data from specialist backlink analysis platforms.

We then layer in proprietary data from services such as Google Search Console.

This gives our consultants a comprehensive list of inbound links to review.

Next, we assess quality and quantity.

We then identify links to your website which may be harmful for organic search.

Our consultants find domains with poor trust ratings, such as link farms and spam directories. Links from these sites can trigger algorithms such as Google Penguin.

This “guilt by association” penalises your website, reducing visibility on search engines.

We also investigate the construction of links to your site – for example, a link’s textual and technical attributes.

Then we disavow bad links & domains.

Once we have found the low-quality links to your site, the next step is to disavow them.

Where possible, our consultants contact the poor-quality sites to request removal of your link. If this is not possible, or unsuccessful, we compile a disavow list.

This provides search engines with a list of links to your site which you want them to ignore. This severs the relationship, removing the negative influence of low-quality links to your website.

We're experts in competitor backlink profiling.

We can also identify opportunities to gain high-quality natural inbound links. The most common way is competitor backlink profiling.

Our technical consultants firstly compile a list of links to your competitors. Then, we cross-reference this with a list of links to your website.

This can identify quick wins to help improve the health of your backlink profile, and provides a valuable resource for your ongoing digital PR strategy.

Our Technical SEO Services.

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Site Migration

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Inbound Link Hygiene

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Keyword Research

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Technical SEO Audits

Diagnose faults and develop an actionable roadmap.

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Site Architecture

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Site Speed & Security

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Mobile SEO

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