Data & Insight

We give clients a competitive advantage by unlocking the potential of their data.

Our award-winning team works with clients in two core ways; first we’ll enhance your marketing ROI through data driven decisions, and then we’ll enhance your company with business-defining intelligence.


Our Data & Insight team is here to make data-driven marketing a reality. Using data as an asset, we give our clients a competitive advantage across their entire business through the application of analysis.

We achieve this via expertise in traditional digital analytics tools, like Google Analytics,  then supplementing this with prowess in technologies such as BigQuery, JavaScript, R and SQL, and finally by adding our secret sauce – a host of proprietary tools we’ve built in house. This positions us well to deliver bespoke analysis at any scale.

Our unique work in applying machine learning and data science techniques has achieved great success for our clients, resulting in national recognition including the UK Search Awards and Drum Awards.

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What We Do

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Having a vast amount of data is no good if you can’t use it to create real insight. Using the Google Analytics 360 suite, we configure your measurement tools to align with your business goals. Our work ensures your tracking is robust, intuitive and creates opportunities for analysis.

Analysis and Business Intelligence

Our analysts turn complex problems into simple, actionable insights that guide the decision-making process. In addition to marketing insight, our analytical processes can be effectively applied across the entirety of your business, from human resources to call centre performance.

Predictive analytics and machine learning

Data & Insight isn’t just about what happened yesterday – we help you plan for what will happen tomorrow. Customer segmentation, churn prediction and lead scoring are among some of the challenges we have solved with algorithmic techniques. Our work can help solve problems before they arise, automate business processes, and identify opportunities that are easily missed with traditional data analysis techniques.

Automation and Reporting

Producing reports by manually moving data from one tool to another is not an effective use of time or money. For this reason, we automate reports and provide access to online dashboards that are updated daily. This creates more time to analyse and act upon insights, and ensures stakeholders have all the information they require to support their daily decision-making.

Systems and data integration

Disparate data sources and incompatible systems are the enemies of insight. By integrating internal and external systems, we create a definitive overview of your customer data to empower decision-making across your organisation.

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What Our Clients Say

“Being a small team ourselves we were thrilled to find a local agency that approached our business with such energy and enthusiasm. RocketMill demonstrate an abundance of skill and knowledge which allows us to continually improve and grow. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”
Faye Price
Online Marketing Manager

Data Insight

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