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Internationalisation & Localisation Services and search engines

We co-create localised content with native speakers to ensure nothing is lost in translation. Our internationalisation expertise ensures your audience always gets the best experience, regardless of the language they speak.

What we do

We don’t believe in black-box translation services, and we know that different languages, cultures and dialects have vastly different requirements.

When working on internationalisation and localisation projects, we look at the whole picture. Working with native speakers, we internationalise information architecture, page layouts, and keyword research. Only when we’re happy that the foundations are fit for purpose do we localise landing page copy and on-site content.

How we do it Research

Working with our Technical SEO and User Experience teams, we research keywords and phrases, information architecture, user journeys and more. Using English as our anchor point, we then draw upon our panel of foreign language digital marketers to validate our research and provide their own recommendations for each locale.

How we do it Proposal

We know localisation projects can be complicated. With various stakeholders and decision-makers across multiple territories, it can be difficult to ensure everybody is speaking the same language. Our research will always conclude with a formal recommendation, including research and rationale.

We can produce this recommendations document in every language included in the localisation project. We aim to ensure everyone involved in the project understands the nature of our work, and is aligned on the outcomes, before we start making changes.

How we do it Implementation

We always aim to bring the best talent to bear on content localisation, whether internal to your business, or an external consultant.

Working closely with our Technical SEO team, our implementation will always ensure sites catering for a multicultural audience are technically sound, and let your brand shine through regardless of the language.

We have experience working with development and content teams across multiple territories, and have a track record of successful internationalisation and localisation implementations.

As one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, Brighton provides us with the ideal location from which to manage internationalisation and localisation projects across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Get in touch today to see how we can improve your international visibility.

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