Rhys Jackson
Date posted
07 May 2017
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RocketMill supports Mental Health Awareness Week

May 8th-14th marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from a mental health-related problem each year, from anxiety to depression to post-traumatic stress disorder. That means that all of us knows somebody who is struggling with their mental health, whether or not they freely admit it to themselves or their friends and family.

Mental health does not discriminate in any way – all ages, genders and races are affected. It has been under the spotlight in recent weeks and months where men are concerned, though, with prominent figures like Rio Ferdinand and Prince Harry admitting that they have struggled with problems such as those mentioned above in the past. They hope that their admissions will encourage men to begin talking about their own mental wellbeing.

Our passion to raise awareness

At RocketMill, this is something we’re particularly passionate about. Our Head of Creative Solutions, Ian Flynn, recently delivered a talk on mindfulness, which you can see here, and this week we’re running a series of activities, spearheaded by Justin Vaiciulis, which are designed to help everyone in the team take the time to re-energise and recharge throughout the day. These won’t just be relevant for this week, but hopefully for months and even years to come. From stretching exercises and short walks designed to get us away from our desks to regular intakes of water and mindfulness practices, we’re making the most of Mental Health Awareness Week to ensure we’re maintaining good mental health, and that we’re able to talk about it when we feel that we need to.

You can follow our activities this week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we’d love to see what you’re doing as well. Get involved with the hashtag #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and come back early next week, when Justin will be rounding up what we did and how it has changed our perceptions of mental wellbeing.