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09 Apr 2024

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Introducing RocketMill Green Marketplaces
An environmentally responsible marketplace for programmatic media buying

We are so excited to launch Green Marketplaces; an environmentally conscious addition to our existing transparent Marketplaces offering.

Connecting brands with ethically-minded audiences while reducing carbon footprint, RocketMill Green Marketplaces aims to address long standing industry concerns regarding transparency in programmatic supply chains while promoting sustainable practices and ethical advertising.

It is powered by a network of over 800 publishers dedicated to inspiring and educating consumers to lead greener, healthier, and fairer lives. Through our lead partner The GoodNet; whose GoodIQ intelligence tool ensures all publishers in the marketplace meet a range of ESG metrics, the platform allows advertisers to reach a premium, ethical audience of 44 million unique users (UUs) while supporting publishers aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions sets a new standard in environmentally conscious media buying. By focusing on delivering ads with lower CO2 emissions —emphasising attention over broad reach—the platform achieves 45% lower CO2 emissions than the UK average output. Brands who opt-in to this platform, receive transparent reporting on carbon reduction and removal.


“RocketMill Green Marketplace signifies an important move towards sustainable and transparent programmatic advertising. We believe in the power of media to effect positive change, and this initiative reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. By partnering with like-minded advertisers like Orveon and BYD, our platform has already planted over 1,000 trees in collaboration with 1% For The Planet and One Tree Planted.”

Ben Norville, Senior Programmatic Director at RocketMill

Following its initial launch in the UK, RocketMill Green Marketplaces now operates across EMEA. This move towards responsible and sustainable advertising underscores RocketMill’s dedication to making a meaningful impact on the digital marketing landscape and contributing to a more eco-friendly and ethical industry, building on our existing company commitment of dedicating profit to protecting the planet through the World Land Trust.