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29 Apr 2024

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Reddit’s organic search dominance

Since Google’s ‘helpful content update’, the search engine has increased the reward for ‘people-first content’. Google aims to make the search results more helpful by answering user queries more accurately. To do this, its favoured sites like Reddit with users generally sharing helpful answers without optimising them for SEO.

This suggests that Google discourages content creation specifically for search engines, such as using automation to produce content on a wide variety of topics. This is further suggested by the ‘hidden gems’ update, which prioritises users sharing first-hand knowledge and personal insights such as user generated content, forums and social pages.

These Google updates have benefited Reddit immensely, with being the 8th most visible domain in Google US, with an average daily visitor rate of 73 million.

Google’s focus on UGC

Google has now deepened its partnership with Reddit. This will give Google access to real-time, structured, and unique content from the platform through the Reddit Data API.

This partnership offers both positives and drawbacks for users and SEO. Users who opt in may receive more personalised content recommendations and search results based on Reddit activity. However, there are concerns about the potential manipulation of Reddit content through Google’s algorithms and a reduction in content diversity in the search results.

This strategic partnership, along with the ‘helpful content’ and ‘hidden gems’ updates, highlights the growing importance of high-quality and detailed user-generated content within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Reddit in Google search results

You may see more Reddit threads and discussion boards appearing in Google search results. With this increased visibility, SEO remains fundamental to appearing in the SERPs.

As Google’s recent updates prioritise ‘authentic’ content, focus on providing high-quality, in-depth content on your site that goes beyond a typical, brief Reddit discussion. This includes content from experts, and showcasing user-generated content that delivers valuable first-hand knowledge and personal insights. This can come from forum posts, social media, blogs, or other web pages.

If Reddit discussions are relevant, this is also an opportunity to raise brand awareness. Use them as inspiration for blog post ideas to create higher-quality and more in-depth content that rises above the Reddit-dominated SERPs.