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Rebel Energy plans 2021 launch with the appointment of RocketMill

The Rebel with a cause, the company doing energy differently is gearing up for it’s launch into the market this year and have appointed RocketMill to support their marketing effort.

Rebel Energy is a UK energy supplier that is transforming the very business model of what it is to be an energy company, they are the first renewable energy company to be leading with a social mission. Their mission is to transform lives, by lifting people out of fuel poverty and creating  a business that can change society for good in an impactful and sustainable way. They care about people and the planet. 

RocketMill will set to work immediately and support the Rebel team with digital strategy, planning and buying to aid both soft and hard launch phases in the first half of the year.

Penelope Hope, Co-Founder and CCO of Rebel Energy said: “What an exciting start to our launch efforts to be collaborating with RocketMill, a company that embodies our own values of compassion and creativity in the world of business. We look forward to building a campaign that speaks to hearts not just to pockets, that enlists followers not just customers, and enables us to fulfil our mission of making renewable energy accessible to all. On top of this, we are keen to champion female leadership in industry, so I’m delighted that our account will be led by two talented women from the RocketMill team.”

Ellie Rowlands, Marketing and Communications Analyst, said: “As a company, we have a lot to say. Whether that is our social mission supporting people out of fuel poverty, the fact we supply 100% renewable electricity or our use of innovative tech to reduce our overall costs, we have a lot we’re proud of. Our partnership with Rocketmill is an exciting step in our launch journey to ensure our message is heard by all.”

Bianca May, Managing Partner at RocketMill said, “It’s been a pleasure working behind the scenes with Penelope, Dan and the team. The exciting part now is pulling all of the partners together. Using our Total Performance framework, we will unearth key audience insight to push Rebel Energy’s brand identity into digital communication and activation stages. Rebel Energy is a company with purpose, a clear mission and our launch plan will mirror these behaviours.”

Marc Young, Managing Partner, RocketMill said, “You can’t help but believe in the people behind Rebel and what they have built. A brand and cause that’s authentic and energetic who’s founders Dan, Penelope and their team bring incredible knowledge and energy too. We can’t wait to get started.”

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About the Rebel Energy Brand 

Rebel Energy is a UK energy supplier that is transforming the very business model of what it is to be an energy company. 

Our mission is to act differently, transform lives and create a business that can change society for good in an impactful and sustainable way

The Rebel Story

Rebel Energy was born from a traditional energy background.  Our founder worked for a large company that was attempting to shift to a more sustainable way of doing business, but knew that it would take a long time to move from its historical fossil fuels background – too long.  He saw that the status quo needed to be challenged in order to make a real difference – there was too much invested by businesses and society in keeping things the same.  His research and planning showed that it was possible to build a successful business that changed lives and transformed society – and not just for the privileged few, but for everyone. Now, he’s building a team and creating a movement of rebels that can all help to shape the future.

He had a vision for an  energy company that had strong moral foundations, that cared about society and the people within it, and created sustainable profits by helping people and the environment.  That Company is Rebel Energy.