So at RocketMill we have been searching for ways to effectively maintain and manage our workflow, along came our new manager Krystian and with him came the suggestion of the desktop tool called Wrike.

Now all new software takes a bit of time to get used to, especially something as comprehensive as Wrike, but once you get going you can seamlessly project manage multiple accounts all at your fingertips.

Let’s have a look at some of the great features Wrike offers us; below is a snapshot of our workload timetable, a great but simple feature – not only can we see that I am by far the busiest Digital Marketing Executive but we can also see clearly what we have planned and make sure that there are no account clashes. Not only that but when focused on our individual projects we can also see who else attached to them and ensure that our work doesn’t clash with theirs.

Wrike Workflow

Wrike Workflow chart

Another great feature is the chat system that they have available, instead of collating emails and having to mark them as unread to keep track of anything, Wrike keep track of all the conversations (as well as sending us gentle reminders to our emails) and has all the attached documents easily accessible as well.

blog post wrike

Some of the smaller things that help us manage our workflow effectively:

    • Using Wrike you can easily record your day to day timings pretty easily but what is pretty cool as well is that it offers time-tracking, allowing you to stick to task deadlines very easily, so whether it is a 5h task or one that takes 2 days it is not often you can complete a task in one chunk, Wrike allows you to use the timer as a stopwatch by simply pressing play it tracks your active time working on the account.


    • Another handy feature that Wrike offers is its very own app for Android and iPhone – so even when part of the team are away at meetings or conferences they still have easy access to the application and can keep up to date on the tasks at hand

phone app

Despite it only being the early stages of using Wrike for project management, we have already seen some great benefits of using the new tool, especially with our day to day management of tasks. As we become more accustomed to it and start to dig deeper in to some of the additional features I will provide a further update.  In the mean time if you have any tools that have made your day to day processes easier we’d love to hear about them!