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02 Jan 2024

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It’s that time again where we look back and reflect on all the wonderful examples of creative advertising that have inspired us throughout the previous 12 months.

We asked a few members of our team to pick their favourite campaign for 2023. The results didn’t disappoint!

McDonald’s – #RaiseYourArches

The challenge:

In a world of mounting pressure and expectation, an invitation to McDonald’s provides everyone with a small, but much needed moment of light-hearted release. How could this feeling be dramatised without showing their iconic products or restaurants?

Why we like it:

“It cleverly creates brand equity out of a movement. Something that is memorable, interactive and ultimately encourages action.

The sound track selection is also perfection!”

Ian Flynn – Executive Creative Director

Currys – Beyond Techspectations

The challenge:

In an ever competitive retail environment, Curry’s wanted to communicate the value of shopping face to face by playfully highlighting how far its people are willing to go to tune in to the latest tech trends.

Why we like it:

“It’s brave and it’s stupid. The client asked for something that made him feel uncomfortable and the agency delivered.”

Martyn Smith – Creative Director

Maybelline – CGI Mascara

The challenge:

To raise (new) awareness for an existing product in a unique way.

Why we like it:

“I love how different this social ad is to anything else that has been seen before, using technology as a form of art. It really got people talking about whether it’s real or not and is incredibly creative. It goes to show that a small campaign like this has the chance to be really outstanding if you think outside the box.”

Julia Saborowski – Creative Producer

Uber – Best Friends

The challenge:

To raise awareness about Uber One and highlight the potential for cost savings on both Uber rides and Uber Eats.

Why we like it:

“This ad brings together the two most unlikely actor pairings in an awkward and funny vignette. The director has cleverly captured how both actors might be in real life making it relatable. Through the awkwardness, a lovely friendship is built due to Uber One.

I love the concept of “Eating food and going places” – I’m a great fan of a matter-of-fact line: does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Bertram Greenhough – Associate Creative Director

Tide – You’re Gonna Need More Tide

The challenge:

To enhance brand resonance among Millennials and Gen Z demographics.

Why we like it:

“Tide used its irreverent tone to tell people Tide Power PODS now had even more Tide in every pod. Recognising the prevalent online discussions about laundry and cleaning, they saw an opportunity to subvert content the audience already loved to reinforce the product feature.

While brands deploy less polished/authentic executions to ‘fit in’, this work unashamedly ties together polished advertising craft with authentic content in a way that celebrates the best of both worlds.”

Tommy Allen-Cleary – Associate Creative Director

Aldi – Like Brands, Only Cheaper

The challenge:

Turn a potentially damaging PR situation into something fun in order to maintain brand sentiment.

Why we like it:

“Back in 2021, M&S sued Aldi over their copycat Cuthbert cake. Aldi weren’t taking it lying down. Fast forward to 2023, and Aldi still weren’t letting M&S forget…

Like Brands, Only Cheaper is Aldi’s long-running brand positioning that takes a swipe at competitors. They revived it once again to taunt M&S and remind them who came out on top of Cake Wars.

Apart from the fact it’s hilarious, it shows Aldi’s bravery as a brand to go in for round two. Following the success of #FreeCuthbert in 2021, to then launch this follow-up ad, it kept the momentum going. It’s a masterpiece in maintaining brand sentiment and shows how even a legacy campaign can flex and, ahem, have legs.”

Becci Hodgson – Associate Creative Director

Nikon – Natural Intelligence

The challenge:

To encourage people to pick up their cameras and explore the beauty of the real world.

Why we like it:

“It really does inspire you to go out and use your camera, the otherworldly images capture your attention and make you want to explore the world instead of sitting at a screen. I think this is a positive message and one that has evidently pushed some people to pick up their cameras and venture out into nature.”

Ollie Slater – Junior Creative

McDonalds & DoorDash – Faster Food

The challenge:

To effectively combine the speed of fast-food with the speed of food delivery.

Why we like it:

“Being able to blur the imagery of the McDonald’s menu but for it to still be immediately recognisable is amazing. No use of words but it still gets the message of speed across. Done very simply but very smartly.”

Tia MacMahon – Creative

E.ON – With good energy, you can do more

The challenge:

To evolve the brand communication in Czechia to encompass a wider range of topics:

  • Pecovat – To care
  • Slevnovat – Make cheaper
  • Vydelavat – Make money
  • Ochranovat – Look after
  • Zlepsovat – Improve
  • Prekvapovat – Surprise

Why we like it:

“I like how they’ve used playful language to broaden the positive impact and meaning of good energy in relation to people’s lives.”

Kamil Cizek – Senior Motion Designer

That’s a wrap! We look forward to seeing what more creative gems come our way this year!