This morning Google and some of the auto industry leaders announced that they have joined forces to make Android enabled cars a reality in 2014 – here is the press release.

This alliance and the subsequent platform will have a huge impact on local search and will probably give Google yet another edge over its rivals.  At the moment Google is working with Audi, General Motors, Google, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to enable better integration between cars and Android devices but that is just the start. Google’s ultimate ambition is to create a platform that will enable the car itself to become a connected device. This platform will enable cars to be part of the Android/Google ecosystem.

What would AOO Platform do?

The most logical things for AOO platform would be to:

  1. Enable local search within cars using Voice Search, Google Maps and Google Now
  2. Seamlessly integrate turn by turn navigation using Google Maps for Android and possibly Google Waze
  3. Enable in-car entertainment using Google Music and Google Play

Tightly integrating the above will enable Google to have a serious competitive advantage over its rivals.

Nokia has already signed deals with the likes of Mercedes, VW and BMW to provide them with location-based services using Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps, Nokia Pulse, Nokia City Lens and LiveSight. However, Nokia can not rival Google’s arsenal of search, voice command & mapping technology even if they used Bing. Microsoft/Nokia’s technological platforms are way behind Google, it will take them years to compete and grab market share in this “new” segment.

It would be really interesting to see Apple’s move in the automotive industry, they have already partnered with Ferrari and have announced iOSitC that includes Siri (Eyes Free), SatNav, Telephony and iMessages. As far as Google is concerned, you can expect to see the first cars with Android integration by the end of 2014.

It’s worth mentioning that the Open Automotive Alliance partnership is a big coup for Nvidea.