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02 Jun 2024

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First date to soulmates: Nailing full-funnel brand voice

Initial attraction. Deeper connection. Lasting commitment. In an ideal world, this progression defines not just a perfect dating history but also the essence of successful customer relationships. 

Building a strong brand relationship involves understanding customer needs at every phase of their journey. An effective full-funnel brand voice must adapt to these stages, fostering meaningful and enduring connections along the way.

Brand awareness: First impressions

Your opening conversation must be genuine and a true reflection of your brand’s personality.

Capture attention with brand messaging that will resonate with your target audience in a tone that aligns with your values. Be memorable for all the right reasons – no one likes a red flag. 

Example in action:

The right person is out there. We want to help you find them. Date now on Bumble.

Consideration: Getting to know each other

It’s time for open and honest chat: be clear what your brand’s all about and educate your audience as to why you’re the right choice. 

Your brand’s USPs are your character traits, so shout about them. By expressing yourself authentically, your audience will feel ‘this one’s a keeper’. 

Example in action:

Want to decide who sees your dating profile? Use Incognito Mode on Bumble.

Conversion: Love struck

You’ve done the graft, now seal the deal. This is the moment that commitments are made so fill your audience with confidence. Your tone needs to be clear, persuasive and compelling with action-orientated messaging. Sweep your audience off their feet and inspire them to take action. 

Example in action:

Download Bumble today and find the best date of your life.

Every interaction counts

Every interaction counts when building strong customer relationships. Just as in dating, where each conversation can make or break a bond, your brand voice must adapt to meet your customer’s needs at every touchpoint.

Define your brand’s core values and personality. Then, tailor your comms strategy for each phase of the customer journey.

This approach will cultivate a cohesive brand voice that fosters loyalty, ensuring your brand remains memorable and meaningful.

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