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09 Nov 2023

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Measuring True Performance
The art and science of improving your business’s media-mix

Any business that has a website or app needs to understand how well their digital product,
marketing and SEO are performing. But is your investment in marketing translating to business revenue and valuable customers? Is your website easy to find through search engines and is it easy to use – leading to conversions, leads or purchases?

The truth is that everyone’s media mix has inefficiencies, and gains will continue to be left on the table unless you develop the right strategy and equip yourself with the tools to improve it. The key is to understand where and to what extent your mix is wrong. And if you’re not finding out where it’s misfiring and why, you’re wasting resources.

Achieving a well-rounded picture of marketing cost to value is possible, as is discovering if cost is being allocated in the right places and in the right ways. So, how do you locate where you are and discover where you could be in a straightforward way?

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