I recently wrote a short blog post on Interflora’s SEO penalty, they were completely wiped off Google search results. This had all the signs of manual action by Google and Interflora’s team went into a frenzy trying to remove as many unnatural links as possible.

As of this afternoon, Interflora is back on search results for its brand name and at the moment is on second page, see screenshot below.

interflora seo penalty


As you can see, with brand search Interflora has reappeared in the search results but the homepage isn’t there.

Interflora’s Rankings Before Google Penalty

100 red roses1
100 roses1
18th birthday gifts44
18th birthday present45
18th birthday presents for girls48
1st wedding anniversary8
1st wedding anniversary gifts6
21st birthday42
21st birthday balloon delivery6
21st birthday flowers1
21st birthday gifts12
21st birthday gifts for her8
21st birthday gifts for her8
21st birthday present43
25th wedding anniversary gift ideas25
25th wedding anniversary gifts45
25th wedding anniversary gifts9
2nd wedding anniversary4
2nd wedding anniversary gift3
2nd wedding anniversary gifts5
30 birthday ideas21
30th birthday47
30th birthday8
30th birthday gifts40
30th birthday ideas43
40th birthday balloon delivery4
40th birthday flowers1
40th birthday gifts40
40th birthday gifts15
40th birthday ideas16
40th birthdays24
50th anniversary gifts47
50th anniversary gifts7
50th birthday39
50th birthday10
50th birthday balloon delivery13
50th birthday flowers1
50th birthday gifts41
50th birthday gifts10
50th birthday ideas49
50th birthday presents49
50th wedding anniversary42
50th wedding anniversary6
50th wedding anniversary gift ideas28
50th wedding anniversary gifts45
50th wedding anniversary gifts6
60th birthday balloon delivery21
60th birthday flowers1
60th birthday gifts42
60th birthday gifts10
a single rose1
andrea mclean twitter24
anniversary flowers1
anniversary gift5
anniversary gifts4
anniversary gifts for her6
anniversary gifts for her6
anniversary gifts for him28
anniversary gifts for men40
anniversary present16
arrangement flower1
austin roses6
autumn flowers44
autumn flowers4
autumn wedding flowers1
baby boy flowers1
baby boy gift baskets2
baby boy gifts50
baby boy gifts5
baby flower girl1
baby flowers1
baby flowers1
baby gift baskets42
baby gift hampers49
baby gifts for girls46
baby girl flowers1
baby girl gifts9
balloon bouquet1
balloon bouquet delivery1
balloon bouquet delivery1
balloon bouquets4
balloon bouquets delivered3
balloon bouquets uk6
balloon by post3
balloon delivery3
balloon delivery same day1
balloon delivery uk19
balloon gifts4
balloons and flowers1
balloons by post10
balloons by post2
balloons delivered4
balloons delivery3
balloons flowers1
bedminster down6
belfast flowers1
best flower delivery2
best flower delivery2
best flowers2
birmingham flower delivery1
birth flowers5
birthday balloon41
birthday balloon bouquet delivery1
birthday balloon delivery47
birthday balloon delivery4
birthday balloon delivery uk10
birthday balloons by post30
birthday balloons delivered47
birthday balloons delivered2
birthday bouquets1
birthday delivery20
birthday flower delivery1
birthday flowers1
birthday flowers and gifts1
birthday flowers delivered1
birthday flowers delivery1
birthday gift4
birthday gift ideas7
birthday gifts6
birthday gifts delivered8
birthday gifts for her13
birthday hampers1
birthday hampers uk1
birthday ideas12
birthday present ideas11
birthday shop44
birthdays flowers1
bishop burton49
black christmas decorations50
black flower1
black flowers1
blandford forum41
boquet of flowers1
bouquet delivery1
bouquet flower1
bouquet flowers1
bouquet of flowers1
bouquet of flowers delivery1
bouquet wedding1
bouquets of flowers1
box flowers1
breast cancer care44
breast cancer care14
breast cancer shop13
bridal bouquet39
bridal bouquet3
bridal bouquets5
bridal flower bouquets1
bridal flowers2
bridal flowers bouquets1
bridal flowers ideas4
bride flowers1
brides bouquet22
bridesmaid flowers2
bristol florists3
bristol flower delivery1
british gifts20
bunch of flowers44
bunch of flowers3
business christmas gifts1
buttonholes for weddings49
buy flower1
buy flowers1
buy flowers merseyside2
buy flowers online1
buy flowers online uk1
buy food hampers online1
buy online flowers1
buying flowers1
buying flowers online1
ca flower delivery1
calla lilies wedding bouquet1
calla lily bouquet10
calla lily bridal bouquet1
calla lily wedding bouquet1
care of orchids20
champagne and chocolates2
champagne and flowers3
champagne by post4
champagne delivery9
champagne delivery uk9
champagne gift47
champagne gift5
champagne gift basket21
champagne gift baskets39
champagne gift baskets29
champagne gift delivery3
champagne gift sets4
champagne gifts5
champagne gifts by post1
champagne gifts uk3
champagne hamper24
charing cross hospital29
cheap florist1
cheap florists2
cheap flower delivery2
cheap flowers49
cheap flowers1
cheap flowers delivered4
cheap funeral flowers10
cheap funeral flowers6
cheap roses11
cheapest flowers2
chelmsford florists8
chelsea flower show14
chinese flowers10
chocolate delivery50
chocolate flowers8
chocolate gift46
chocolate gift hampers20
chocolate hampers uk28
chocolates delivered46
christmas arrangements1
christmas bouquet1
christmas bouquets1
christmas drink48
christmas flower2
christmas flower arrangements1
christmas flower delivery1
christmas flowers1
christmas flowers by post21
christmas flowers delivered1
christmas food hamper2
christmas food hampers2
christmas food hampers uk2
christmas gift baskets43
christmas gift hampers2
christmas gift hampers2
christmas gifts 201111
christmas hamper42
christmas hamper3
christmas hamper ideas3
christmas hamper uk2
christmas hampers1
christmas hampers ideas1
christmas hampers uk3
christmas plants40
christmas plants5
christmas table44
christmas table decoration23
christmas traditions around the world38
christmas wedding flowers24
christmas wreath5
christmas wreaths43
christmas wreaths6
co antrim48
congratulations balloon delivery5
congratulations balloons by post13
congratulations balloons delivered5
congratulations flowers1
congratulations gifts1
contemporary flowers2
corporate flowers8
corporate gift hamper39
corporate gifts41
corporate gifts18
corporate hampers40
corsage flowers1
corsage flowers1
corsages for prom2
county tyrone47
create your own hamper36
cupcake gifts41
cupcake gifts6
david austen roses9
david austin roses13
david austin roses uk8
davy lamp42
davy lamp10
day delivery flower same1
deliver flower48
deliver flower1
deliver flowers46
deliver flowers3
deliver flowers london1
deliver flowers today1
deliver flowers uk1
delivered flowers2
delivered flowers uk1
delivering flowers1
delivery floral1
delivery florist1
delivery florists1
delivery flower online1
delivery flower uk1
delivery flowers1
delivery flowers uk1
delivery london6
delivery london6
delivery of flowers1
delivery roses1
designer flowers3
discount flower delivery1
easter flower delivery1
easter flowers1
easter gifts43
easter gifts7
easter hampers5
easter hampers5
edinburgh florists5
edinburgh flower delivery1
engagement flowers1
engagement gift44
experience gifts41
express delivery flowers1
facts about bees5
fair trade flowers4
fairtrade flowers4
fairtrade flowers by post2
father day9
fathers day12
fathers day balloons by post5
fathers day flowers1
fathers day gift10
fathers day gift ideas8
fathers day gifts9
fathers day uk12
fiftieth birthday gifts13
first wedding anniversary gift4
first wedding anniversary gifts3
first wedding anniversary presents1
flora flowers1
floral arrangements44
floral arrangements3
floral bouquets1
floral delivery1
floral shops49
floral tributes4
floral tributes2
floral tributes for funerals3
florist bristol2
florist cambridge1
florist delivery46
florist delivery1
florist delivery london1
florist delivery uk1
florist flower delivery1
florist in bristol2
florist in kent1
florist in leicester1
florist in liverpool1
florist in london1
florist in london1
florist in luton1
florist in manchester1
florist kent2
florist leicester1
florist liverpool1
florist liverpool1
florist london2
florist maidstone1
florist manchester1
florist manchester1
florist online40
florist online1
florist shop1
florist shops2
florist uk1
florists aberdeen10
florists bristol2
florists chelmsford8
florists delivery1
florists glasgow5
florists in2
florists in basildon2
florists in bradford2
florists in brighton3
florists in bristol2
florists in bristol1
florists in chester2
florists in croydon1
florists in edinburgh1
florists in glasgow4
florists in hull1
florists in kent1
florists in leeds5
florists in leicester1
florists in liverpool1
florists in london1
florists in luton2
florists in maidstone2
florists in manchester1
florists in milton keynes2
florists in norwich10
florists in nottingham1
florists in sheffield14
florists in sheffield4
florists in swindon1
florists in uk1
florists in warrington2
florists leeds49
florists leeds2
florists leicester1
florists liverpool1
florists liverpool1
florists london1
florists manchester1
florists online1
florists swindon2
florists that deliver1
florists uk1
florists wirral7
flower and gift delivery1
flower arrangements46
flower arrangements2
flower arrangements for funerals3
flower arrangements for weddings5
flower arranging14
flower baskets6
flower bouquet1
flower bouquet delivery1
flower bouquets1
flower bouquets for weddings2
flower buy1
flower by post2
flower cards50
flower cards6
flower corsage1
flower delievery1
flower deliver1
flower deliveries2
flower deliveries online1
flower deliveries uk1
flower delivery47
flower delivery1
flower delivery australia1
flower delivery belfast1
flower delivery birmingham1
flower delivery birmingham1
flower delivery bradford1
flower delivery bristol1
flower delivery bristol1
flower delivery california1
flower delivery cambridge1
flower delivery cambridge1
flower delivery cheap1
flower delivery china2
flower delivery companies1
flower delivery dublin1
flower delivery edinburgh1
flower delivery england1
flower delivery express1
flower delivery for mothers day1
flower delivery glasgow2
flower delivery hull1
flower delivery in1
flower delivery in london1
flower delivery in london1
flower delivery international1
flower delivery leeds1
flower delivery leeds1
flower delivery leicester1
flower delivery liverpool1
flower delivery liverpool1
flower delivery london30
flower delivery london1
flower delivery manchester1
flower delivery manchester1
flower delivery merseyside3
flower delivery moscow1
flower delivery next day1
flower delivery northampton1
flower delivery nottingham1
flower delivery nottingham1
flower delivery online1
flower delivery plymouth1
flower delivery portsmouth1
flower delivery same day1
flower delivery service45
flower delivery service3
flower delivery services2
flower delivery sheffield1
flower delivery southampton3
flower delivery southampton2
flower delivery surrey1
flower delivery today1
flower delivery uk41
flower delivery uk1
flower delivery usa4
flower for new baby1
flower gift1
flower gift baskets1
flower gifts42
flower gifts1
flower ideas1
flower in uk1
flower international1
flower online1
flower order1
flower same day delivery1
flower shop40
flower shop2
flower shop in london1
flower shop london1
flower shop london1
flower shops1
flower shops edinburgh1
flower shops in edinburgh1
flower shops in liverpool1
flower shops in london3
flower shops uk1
flower store1
flower uk1
flower wedding1
flowers aberdeen1
flowers abroad1
flowers and balloons1
flowers and champagne4
flowers and chocolates2
flowers and gifts1
flowers and gifts delivered1
flowers appleton1
flowers arrangements1
flowers australia5
flowers birmingham1
flowers birthday1
flowers bouquet1
flowers bouquets1
flowers bradford1
flowers bristol2
flowers bristol1
flowers buy1
flowers buy online1
flowers by post50
flowers by post2
flowers by post uk40
flowers by post uk9
flowers cardiff3
flowers christmas1
flowers coventry1
flowers deliver1
flowers delivered32
flowers delivered1
flowers delivered cheap4
flowers delivered for mothers day1
flowers delivered in london1
flowers delivered london1
flowers delivered next day2
flowers delivered on sunday3
flowers delivered same day1
flowers delivered today1
flowers delivered today1
flowers delivered tomorrow3
flowers delivered uk1
flowers delivery45
flowers delivery1
flowers delivery international1
flowers delivery london1
flowers delivery london1
flowers delivery same day1
flowers delivery today1
flowers delivery uk1
flowers east7
flowers for a funeral1
flowers for baby boy1
flowers for birthday1
flowers for christmas3
flowers for delivery46
flowers for delivery6
flowers for delivery today1
flowers for delivery uk1
flowers for funeral2
flowers for funerals42
flowers for funerals5
flowers for mother s day2
flowers for mothers day1
flowers for new baby1
flowers for valentines day1
flowers for valentines day1
flowers for wedding2
flowers for wedding1
flowers for weddings3
flowers free delivery2
flowers free delivery uk1
flowers from jersey2
flowers funeral1
flowers gift1
flowers gift1
flowers gifts1
flowers glasgow2
flowers home delivery1
flowers in1
flowers in hair3
flowers in london2
flowers in nottingham1
flowers in the uk1
flowers in uk1
flowers international2
flowers international delivery1
flowers jersey2
flowers leeds7
flowers leicester1
flowers liverpool1
flowers liverpool1
flowers london1
flowers london delivery1
flowers manchester1
flowers manchester1
flowers mothers1
flowers mothers day2
flowers mothers day delivery1
flowers next4
flowers next day1
flowers next day delivery41
flowers next day delivery1
flowers next day delivery uk1
flowers nottingham1
flowers nottingham1
flowers on line4
flowers on line uk1
flowers online1
flowers online delivery1
flowers online free delivery3
flowers online order1
flowers online uk1
flowers online uk1
flowers order1
flowers overseas1
flowers post1
flowers same day2
flowers same day delivery16
flowers same day delivery1
flowers same day delivery uk1
flowers send1
flowers send1
flowers shop3
flowers shop1
flowers shops1
flowers stafford1
flowers swindon1
flowers sympathy1
flowers that can be delivered1
flowers to1
flowers to australia1
flowers to australia from uk1
flowers to buy1
flowers to canada2
flowers to deliver1
flowers to order1
flowers to send1
flowers to uk1
flowers to usa4
flowers to usa from uk1
flowers to wirral4
flowers uk41
flowers uk2
flowers uk delivery1
flowers uk delivery1
flowers uk free delivery1
flowers usa5
flowers valentines1
flowers valentines day1
flowers wedding2
flowers with free delivery2
food gift hampers1
food gifts by post5
food hamper gifts2
food hampers40
food hampers1
food hampers by post50
food hampers online1
food hampers uk14
for her from you3
fortieth birthday gifts11
free delivery flowers1
free delivery flowers2
free delivery flowers uk1
free flower delivery2
free flower delivery2
fresh flower delivery1
fresh flowers3
fresh flowers delivered1
fruit basket2
fruit baskets9
fruit hampers1
fruit hampers1
funeral flower1
funeral flower1
funeral flower arrangements2
funeral flower arrangements4
funeral flower delivery1
funeral flowers1
funeral flowers arrangements40
funeral flowers delivered1
funeral flowers delivery1
funeral flowers designs1
funeral flowers manchester1
funeral flowers online4
funeral flowers online2
funeral flowers uk1
funeral reefs2
funeral tributes3
funeral tributes2
funeral wreath2
funeral wreaths3
funeral wreaths uk1
gerbera flowers9
germany flower delivery1
get flowers delivered1
get well balloon delivery19
get well balloons by post1
get well balloons delivered15
get well flowers1
get well flowers1
get well gift1
get well gifts1
get well soon flowers2
get well soon gifts48
get well soon gifts2
gift a plant4
gift flowers1
gift for him45
gift for wife9
gift for wife5
gift hamper1
gift hampers1
gift hampers uk49
gift ideas43
gift ideas39
gift ideas for women47
gift ideas for women19
gift ideas women22
gift plants by post1
gifts delivered10
gifts flower1
gifts for anniversary13
gifts for grandparents44
gifts for her45
gifts for her10
gifts for him26
gifts for men50
gifts for mothers44
gifts for mothers day9
gifts for valentines day9
gifts for wife9
gifts for women12
gifts get well1
gifts hampers1
glow in the dark45
gold anniversary gifts45
golden anniversary26
golden anniversary gifts7
golden wedding anniversary6
golden wedding anniversary gifts8
golden wedding flowers1
golden wedding gifts10
grandad gifts46
halloween shops9
hamper basket50
hamper gift1
hamper gifts40
hamper gifts2
hamper ideas6
hamper ideas10
hamper uk9
hampers by post30
hampers for christmas2
hampers gift1
hampers online2
hampers uk40
hampers uk7
hand delivered flowers1
hand tied bouquet4
hand tied bouquets2
hand tied flowers2
happy birthday flowers7
hazel grove flowers1
home delivery flowers1
how to care for orchids48
how to look after an orchid6
how to look after orchids8
how to preserve flowers1
how to send flowers1
ideas for valentines day for him49
indoor plant4
indoor plants48
indoor plants8
inter flora1
inter florist1
interflora flowers1
interflora mothers day1
interflora promotional code13
interflora promotional code 20113
interflora uk1
interflora voucher7
interflora voucher code8
interflora voucher code 20113
international delivery49
international delivery flowers1
international floral delivery1
international florist1
international florist delivery1
international flower1
international flower deliveries1
international flower delivery1
international flower delivery from uk1
international flower delivery service1
international flowers1
international flowers delivery1
internet flower delivery1
internet flowers3
internet flowers2
internet flowers uk1
jersey flower shop1
jersey flowers4
jersey flowers by post26
last minute flower delivery1
laurent perrier7
laurent perrier champagne8
lily vase3
lily vases7
local florist3
local florists3
local florists4
local flower delivery1
london florist45
london florist3
london florists38
london florists4
london flower delivery21
london flower delivery1
london flowers1
looking after orchids10
love balloon bouquets by post1
love balloon delivery1
love you balloon15
love you balloons17
luxury christmas hampers3
luxury flowers3
luxury flowers3
luxury gift6
luxury gift hampers1
luxury gifts for her6
luxury gifts for her8
luxury hamper41
luxury hampers6
luxury hampers uk5
maidstone florists1
mail order flowers1
manchester florists2
manchester flowers1
me to you15
me to you flowers1
me to you gifts39
memorial flowers1
mens valentines gifts11
mens valentines gifts5
mistle toe6
modern flower arrangements1
modern flower delivery1
modern flowers1
mother day4
mother day flowers1
mother day gifts7
mother s day flower delivery1
mother s day flowers2
mother s day gifts6
mothering sunday15
mothers day3
mother’s day41
mothers day 201236
mothers day 2012 uk23
mothers day balloon bouquets7
mothers day bouquet1
mothers day bouquets1
mothers day delivery2
mothers day delivery flowers1
mothers day flower2
mothers day flower baskets1
mothers day flower delivery1
mothers day flowers1
mothers day flowers delivered1
mothers day flowers delivery1
mothers day flowers free delivery2
mothers day flowers uk1
mothers day gift45
mothers day gift7
mothers day gifts6
mothers day hampers39
mothers day hampers9
mothers day plants1
mothers day presents4
mothers day uk18
mothers flowers1
mothersday flowers1
mothersday gifts4
multi coloured roses1
national kissing day8
new baby balloon delivery7
new baby balloons48
new baby balloons3
new baby boy gifts2
new baby flowers45
new baby flowers1
new baby flowers and gifts1
new baby gift46
new baby gift7
new baby gifts7
new baby gifts by post1
new baby girl gifts5
next day delivery23
next day delivery flowers1
next day delivery flowers uk1
next day delivery gifts8
next day flower delivery1
next day flower delivery uk1
next day flowers2
next day flowers delivery1
next day flowers uk2
next day gift delivery1
next flower delivery3
next flowers4
norwich florists3
on line florists1
on line florists1
on line flowers2
online bouquet delivery1
online florist1
online florist uk1
online florists1
online florists uk1
online flower1
online flower1
online flower delivery47
online flower delivery1
online flower delivery uk1
online flower shop44
online flower shop1
online flower shops1
online flowers2
online flowers delivery1
online flowers order1
online flowers uk1
orchid mothers day1
orchids flowers44
orchids plants36
order flower1
order flowers45
order flowers1
order flowers for delivery1
order flowers for delivery1
order flowers london1
order flowers on line1
order flowers online1
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order flowers online uk1
order flowers uk1
order online flowers1
ordering flowers1
ordering flowers1
ordering flowers online1
ordering flowers online1
outdoor plants6
outdoor plants by post1
overnight delivery gifts1
paper anniversary42
paper anniversary gifts6
paper wedding anniversary3
paper wedding anniversary gifts4
pearl anniversary gifts41
pearl wedding anniversary39
pearl wedding anniversary8
perfect gift9
perfect gifts8
perfect gifts6
perfect gifts for her5
personal gifts8
personalised anniversary gift15
personalised baby blanket43
personalised baby blankets49
personalised champagne flutes41
personalised cup cakes1
personalised cupcakes9
personalised fleece blankets1
personalised gift ideas7
personalised gifts15
personalised monopoly37
personalized gifts15
phalaenopsis orchid care16
pink flower6
pink flowers1
pink gifts44
pink roses48
pink wedding flowers4
plant delivery4
plant gift4
plant gifts5
plants by post47
plants by post5
plants by post gift1
plants by post uk2
plants delivered31
plants for presents5
plants same day delivery1
postal flowers5
presents for wife14
presents for wife10
preserving flowers1
purple flower1
purple flowers45
purple flowers1
rainbow roses5
red and white roses2
red flowers7
red rose12
red roses1
red roses delivered2
red vase47
romantic flowers1
romantic gift2
romantic gift3
romantic gifts47
romantic gifts4
romantic gifts for her42
romantic gifts for her3
rose bouquet2
rose bouquet3
rose delivery6
roses delivered1
roses delivered3
roses delivery2
roses for valentines day1
roses send1
ruby anniversary gifts40
ruby anniversary gifts8
ruby wedding anniversary8
ruby wedding anniversary flowers1
ruby wedding anniversary gifts9
ruby wedding flowers1
same day balloon delivery1
same day champagne delivery1
same day delivery balloons1
same day delivery flower1
same day delivery flowers47
same day delivery flowers1
same day delivery flowers uk1
same day delivery gifts50
same day delivery gifts2
same day delivery of roses1
same day florist1
same day flower1
same day flower delivery1
same day flower delivery london4
same day flower delivery uk1
same day flowers47
same day flowers1
same day flowers delivered1
same day flowers delivery1
same day flowers uk2
same day gift delivery3
same day gift delivery3
same day gifts3
same day plant delivery1
sameday flowers1
say it with flowers4
scilly flowers30
scilly flowers7
second wedding anniversary4
second wedding anniversary gifts4
send a flower1
send a rose2
send champagne3
send flower1
send flower online1
send flowers1
send flowers abroad2
send flowers from1
send flowers from us1
send flowers from us to uk1
send flowers in london1
send flowers in uk1
send flowers international1
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send flowers london1
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send flowers to france2
send flowers to germany1
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send flowers to south africa2
send flowers to the uk1
send flowers to uk1
send flowers to usa4
send flowers to usa from uk1
send flowers uk1
send get well balloons48
send roses1
sending flowers33
sending flowers1
sending flowers abroad18
sending flowers abroad1
sending flowers abroad from uk1
sending flowers in uk1
sending flowers internationally1
sending flowers online1
sending flowers online1
sending flowers to australia1
sending flowers to australia from uk1
sending flowers to france1
sending flowers to usa1
sending flowers uk1
sending flowers uk1
shop flowers1
shop window displays45
silk flowers46
silver wedding8
silver wedding8
silver wedding anniversary48
silver wedding anniversary7
silver wedding anniversary gifts46
silver wedding gifts45
silver wedding gifts10
single flower delivery1
single red rose1
single red rose delivery1
single red roses1
single rose1
single roses1
sixtieth birthday gifts37
spalding flower parade5
spring flowers4
spring flowers uk2
summer flowers48
summer flowers3
summer sale41
sunday flower delivery3
sympathy flower1
sympathy flowers49
sympathy flowers1
sympathy flowers delivered1
sympathy flowers delivery1
sympathy flowers uk1
table flower arrangements3
tesco direct flowers2
tesco flower delivery9
thank you flowers1
thank you flowers1
thank you gift6
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