Update: This article was originally published in 2012. As you know, the web is constantly changing, which means some of the advice on this page may become out of date. For the latest digital marketing insights from the RocketMill team, please visit our main blog page.

Sometimes you might come across a scenario where you might want the t.co version of your URL without tweeting it on Twitter publicly.

Usually this is mostly for SEO purposes where you want to copy/paste the t.co URL for sharing on other sites or you might want to see it just out of pure curiosity.

The only requirement is that you will still need a Twitter account to find the shortened t.co version of your page. Which is still a lot better than coding your own page, fiddling with the API to get the output, and having to remember the page you’ve created somewhere else in the first place – which can be a bit overkill.

How to get the t.co version of your URL…

This method is clean, easy to remember and doesn’t put anyone out. No need to submit to 3rd party sites.

In short, send yourself a Direct Message (dm). Just like you would send a dm to anyone else on Twitter. And that’s it.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on ‘Messages’
  3. Select ‘New Message’ (a new dialog box will appear)
  4. Enter your username preceded by the @ symbol (like as if you were mentioning someone, for example, @elevatelocaluk. And make sure it is you)
  5. Enter the URL you wish to be shortened in the message area
  6. Hit Send.

When you have entered your URL, just before sending, you should see “Link will appear shortened”. If that does not appear then add a little gibberish until there are not enough characters for the unshortened URL to display.

Once you have sent the dm to yourself, you should see your new t.co URL in your Messages inbox. It should be pretty instantaneous, excluding fail whale time, and ready to copy/paste.