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07 Sep 2023

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We've achieved the highest possible accreditation status from Investors in the Environment!

We’re so proud to have achieved a Green accreditation from Investors in the Environment in recognition of our commitment to making long lasting change to our working practices to help tackle climate change, for the fourth consecutive year.

Investors in the Environment was founded in 2010 by environmental charity PECT, whose core mission is to create sustainable places. It aims to bridge the gap between businesses and effective environmental management by helping companies to achieve environmental goals.

To be recognised by Investors in the Environment, we are required to appoint an environmental champion, provide a monthly record of resource use, show evidence of ongoing progress and adopt projects across social wellbeing, community, conservation and biodiversity. As part of this, we’ve protected over 280 acres of rainforest to date through The World Land Trust by donating funds to a new piece of land following  key business achievements including hiring a member of staff, winning new business, and meeting quarterly business plans.

“We are incredibly proud to have again achieved this recognition for our progress in driving a more sustainable workplace.” said Tom Byrne, Chief Executive Officer at RocketMill. “The support, guidance and resources provided by Investors in the Environment have been invaluable in helping us to reduce our impact on the environment. ”

Emily Appleby, Sustainability Advisor at Investors in the Environment commented, “Investors in the Environment audits businesses annually against iiE environmental management and sustainability criteria to ensure continuous improvement. We also encourage members to look beyond their own resource use and influence others, including suppliers, staff, and clients. RocketMill has made great progress this year in resource efficiency gains as well as engagement and communication within their wider team and their external stakeholders.”