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15 Dec 2023

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RocketMill is a Google Analytics Certified Partner!

We are proud to announce that RocketMill is now officially recognised as a Google Certified Partner in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

What does it mean to be a Google Analytics Certified Partner?

Becoming a Google Certified Partner signifies that RocketMill has met Google’s rigorous standards in delivering advanced measurement solutions to clients via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. As part of this process, a proven track record of successful implementation of advanced analytics strategies and solutions that drive tangible business growth through the optimisation of user behaviour and marketing performance is required.

This achievement reflects our expertise, dedication and success in leveraging Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to deliver robust connected measurement for brands, rooted in deep strategic and technical expertise.


“Achieving Google Certified Partner status across Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is testament to our commitment to delivering progressive cutting-edge measurement. We pride ourselves in providing solutions that deliver marketing performance and efficiency that help businesses grow. We are hugely excited at the opportunities this accreditation provides!”

Neil Barnes, Head of Analytics at RocketMill

Receiving recognition from Google as a Certified Partner provides enhanced confidence and trust in the quality and expertise of our analytics services whilst enabling us to stay at the forefront of measurement solutions in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. 

In addition to our certification, our team’s breadth of capability and depth of expertise enables us to offer comprehensive analytics solutions; a strategy we call Connected Measurement, tailoring measurement to each brand’s unique and often nuanced needs. 

You can find out more about how RocketMill supports clients in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager via our Google Partner listing and our website.