Neil Barnes
Date posted
11 Jul 2022
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Future-proof your audience activation with a customer data platform

What is it?

In a world of ever increasing privacy, cookie-based audience pools are shrinking rapidly.

The building and activating of audiences now needs to focus on first-party customer data. In other words, data you already hold about your customers.

A customer data platform will collect and unify your first-party customer datasets to create a single customer view. They then enable audience segments to be created and activated within your desired marketing platform for personalised, multi-channel communications.

Why is it important?

Restrictions on cookies will continue to tighten, from both a legislation and technology perspective.

Consequently, cookie-based audience pools will shrink even further, exasperating the targeting challenges we are collectively facing.

Your audience activation strategy must now focus on first-party customer data collection, alongside a customer data platform, to set you up for the future.

What to do next?

Build first-party customer data collection into your audience activation strategy, to increase the information you are collecting on your customers.

Onboard a customer data platform, to combine your disparate first-party data sources together and activate audiences in the desired marketing platforms.

Use your customer data platform to identify insights that increase your audience targeting capabilities.

Speak to us if you need help adopting a first-party audience activation strategy, or advice on onboarding or using a customer data platform.