Sam Garrity
Date posted
21 Oct 2019
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Cookies and the GDPR: RocketMill Moment

This month the European Court of
provided further clarification around the GDPR and there was a
couple of really interesting points that stood out to me:

  1. Pre-ticked boxes that assume consent in terms of
    a user are no longer a valid form of consent
  2. It now does not matter whether the Cookies that
    you are dropping onto people’s devices contain personal data.  It is therefore clear that we now need unambiguous,
    active consent in order to collect the data that most websites do.

If this ruling is followed, it’s going to have some pretty
sizable impact upon our industry.

We’re going to get less data, of course, and that means
we’re going to need to model the data that we do receive. I would expect
to see the platforms, such as Google Analytics leading this, rather than
everybody having to do it their own specific way.

The other change I think that we’ll start to see is that the
collection of first party data becoming even more important, even more of a
competitive advantage than it is today. What the end user will see is more
logged in experiences; providing value in a unique experience, in a logged in
environment, and enabling the website to procure that all-important first party

It is fascinating to see how this is all going to play out and it will change our sector if the ruling is followed – quite literally – and we’re very much here to help businesses if they are struggling with it.