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We sold RocketMill today.

We started this journey 11 years ago with a desire to help small businesses win online and today we serve some of the best brands around with a celebrated focus on our culture. Our success means we field weekly unsolicited interest to buy us from networks, large indys and private equity. Our decision making framework in […]

2 min read Sam Garrity Learn more

Hey designers! Accessible web design is not a trend

I recently read an article that described accessibility as one of the top web design trends of 2020. As a designer and web accessibility advocate, this was discouraging to read. The word “trend” associates accessible design with something that is temporarily ‘in-vogue’, topical, or a box-ticking exercise, rather than a fundamental responsibility for designers to […]

6 min read Charlotte Hills

BuyaCar unveils new Confidence positioning as part of brand overhaul

Selling cars entirely online and delivering to the customer’s door may be the latest trend in motor retail, but BuyaCar has done it since 2002. With more than 24,000 deliveries since then, to the value of £300m, BuyaCar recently turned to RocketMill to help them cement their place as market leader. The immediate aim was […]

3 min read Bianca May

Simplicity is an illusion

Hi, guys. My name is Alex Edwards. I’m the lead UX designer here at RocketMill on the creative team. I am here to talk about why simplicity is simply an illusion. Simplicity When we think of simplicity these days, there are a few key examples that we think of. We think of Google, the masses […]

6 min read Alex Edwards

An introduction to market research

Good afternoon everyone, my name’s Rowena and I’m the Deputy Head of Content and Marketing Manager here at RocketMill. Today I’m going to be talking to you about market research, specifically what it is, the benefits of market research, some example methods and some ways that we’ve used it here at RocketMill recently. What is […]

6 min read Rowena Heal

Your website is more than the numbers it creates

Hi everyone, so I’m Alex Edwards. I’m a lead UX designer here at RocketMill, and today I’m going to be talking about why your website is more than the numbers it creates. How often are we using numbers? So let’s face it, every day we’re always chasing numbers. We’re chasing transactions, revenue, users, sessions, conversion […]

6 min read Alex Edwards

You’re using alt text wrong – you just can’t see it

Transcript Hello everyone. Today – my first talk – I’m going to talk to you about how you’ve been doing alt text completely wrong. Hello everyone. Today – my first talk – I’m going to talk to you about how you’ve been doing alt text completely wrong. As you may remember from last month, Alex […]

7 min read Joe Buzzard

1 in 5 people can’t use your website

Today I’m going to be talking about why one in five people can’t use your website. As usual, as a UX designer, I’m here to talk about users, all users. But we often forget that as digital marketers we’re actually a minority. We know how the internet works. We confidently access it. Actually, in our […]

7 min read Alex Edwards

Digital Creative – are we still thinking in print?

My name is Ian Flynn, I’m the head of Creative Solutions. Today, I’m going to talk to you about digital creative. What is digital creative? So, what do I mean by digital creative? So, I’ll tell you what I mean. I mean graphic design. Well, visual design; some people call it visual design. Web design, […]

9 min read Ian Flynn

Do we have to sacrifice humanity for technology?

So, today I want to talk to you a little bit about the marriage of humanity and technology, or indeed the lack thereof. This is a thing we hear a lot about in the news at the moment. Uber is a great example of a company that is constantly failing to marry technology and humanity. […]

4 min read Creative

How to use psychology to increase conversions

Today. How to use psychology to increase conversions. We’ve got, out there, neuroeconomics, behaviour economics, marketing psychology; all really sexy words out there at the moment in the digital marketing space. What they’re all trying to do is look at the mechanics of the brain, and how that influences behaviour. Some of you may have […]

5 min read Bertram Greenhough