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We sold RocketMill today.

We started this journey 11 years ago with a desire to help small businesses win online and today we serve some of the best brands around with a celebrated focus on our culture. Our success means we field weekly unsolicited interest to buy us from networks, large indys and private equity. Our decision making framework in […]

2 min read Sam Garrity Learn more

Voice Search for marketers – here today, here to stay

Transcript Search, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the RocketMill team in their ongoing mission to explore exciting new platforms and to seek out new opportunities for brands like yours. To boldly go where no marketer has ever gone before. Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my talk, which is called: ‘Voice Search […]

9 min read Technical SEO

Why SEO should be at the heart of your migration

I’m here today to talk to you about why SEO should be at the heart of your migration, or any migration. Now, my role in RocketMill for the last seven years has been finding the right client partnerships, which means I’m on the front line when we receive inquiries. I have to have a little […]

5 min read Ben Garrity

How to appear in YouTube ‘Suggested Clips’ on Google

Transcript Good afternoon RocketMill, it’s time for another conundrum. This month it is: “madeclips”. “Madeclips”, and your clue: “Chris made some video clips, but he couldn’t find where he’d saved them”. “Chris made some video clips, but he couldn’t find where he’d saved them”. Nine letters, rearrange them into a word while I tell you […]

7 min read Technical SEO

Why you need to adopt Google AMP

Good afternoon RocketMill. We kick off, as ever, with a countdown conundrum. Yorkshire television haven’t yet been in touch to send me a cease-and-desist letter. So, for one more month you can enjoy a scramble this month. A clue to what I’m going to be talking about today: Insert AMP. And your clue to help […]

7 min read Technical SEO

Why visual search is the next big thing for eCommerce brands

Let me tell you why visual search is the next quick win for e-commerce brands. People don’t like to be sold to, but they love to buy. Think about when you’re on your way to work or anywhere in the street, someone stands right in front of you, slaps a leaflet in your face: “Join […]

4 min read Justin Vaiciulis

“Phantom V” Google Update? I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Transcript Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to another technical SEO presentation from the RocketMill team. I’ll kick off with a conundrum, a new look conundrum at the same nine-letter word all scrambled up: “dim SEO tip.”. “Dim SEO tip”. Your clue this month: if you follow a dim SEO tip, your website won’t be this. […]

7 min read Technical SEO

Why securing your site is critical in 2017

Video Transcript Afternoon, everyone. Thank you, Sam. Before we begin, as we now have an online audience, I feel we should introduce them to a RocketMill tradition. Each month during the company meeting, we acknowledge my history of losing game shows by setting you all a Countdown conundrum. I think we should set that to […]

6 min read Technical SEO

How should you promote an app on search?

Mobile is a key part of any modern marketing strategy – search advertisers have witnessed explosive growth in mobile queries over the last few years, even though 90% of time on mobile is spent in an app, compared to just 10% in a browser. Thinking about how you approach mobile, specifically apps, is key, even […]

8 min read Deyna Lavery

What to expect in digital marketing in 2017

Desktop in decline, blurred lines, Facebook Messenger to be critical, voice search means the winner takes all, and a flight towards attributability. Before speculating on the future it would be wise to take a look back, in the hope that it shines a light on the direction we are heading in. The recent UK digital […]

4 min read Sam Garrity

Link building in 2016: a practical guide for bloggers and brands

Note: The information in this post is outdated. Please view our backlink audit for our people first approach.  What do bloggers and the England football team have in common? They are both afraid of penalties. Last month, Ben Gallizzi reacted to Google’s clampdown on paid links from blogger reviews. Now, the hammer has fallen. Bloggers are […]

5 min read Technical SEO