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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update: November 2019

Update: We have updated this article to reflect the Google November 2019 Core Update and Local Search Update.” Updates to the Google algorithm update in November 2019 impacted a diverse range of websites, from bloggers of recipes to publishers. Many of these websites were impacted during the weekend beginning 8th November. Some have asked if […]

9 min read John Truong Learn more

Our story: RocketMill’s humble beginnings.

10 years ago, Brothers Sam and Ben Garrity created the beginnings of their multi-award winning agency aged just 31 and 24. Born from a heartfelt desire to help small businesses grow by reaching their customers effectively, the essence of RocketMill remains the same today.  This post is based on the interview published in September’s Platinum […]

4 min read Bethanie Mardon

RocketMill’s 10 top tips for Christmas Paid search campaigns

Christmas can be a very exciting period for internet retailers. Online sales are growing and for some businesses the festive season can make or break their entire financial year. Even if you don’t sell Christmas trees online, we have 10 tips for your PPC strategy to take advantage of the end-of-year shopping madness. 1. Consider […]

4 min read Justin Vaiciulis