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ZenAuto is a new and vibrant B2C sister company of the Zenith Group, who have been leasing fleets of cars to big businesses for the last thirty years. 

ZenAuto’s ambition was to challenge the traditional norms of the car leasing category with an offering more aligned to the demands of modern, digital consumers. Compared to the old way of leasing a car, the Zen Way is a whole new proposition – 100% online, more flexible, more affordable and altogether more convenient.  

The challenge and the strategy

Although ZenAuto’s launch campaign generated some awareness, the brand still struggled to differentiate itself in a cluttered and commoditised market. The TV ad failed to deliver the exciting new proposition and service ZenAuto had to offer.

This needed to change. So to start with, RocketMill examined the category, the company, its customers and culture.

What we identified was an opportunity to reimagine ZenAuto as an aspirational, but accessible subscription brand – moving away from ‘car as commodity’, towards ‘car as a service’, a simpler, more sustainable and more flexible offering. We articulated this in the following ways:

Brand Mission

“Zen is on a mission to create a better way for people to choose, get and drive a new car. The Zen Way.”

Brand Purpose

“ZenAuto’s purpose is to enable more people to experience the joy of driving a new car.”

Brand Proposition

“We go out of our way to make the experience of choosing, getting and driving a new car the best it can be so all you have to do is focus on enjoying it!”

We also investigated what it meant to ‘Zen it’. This was a phrase used previously by the brand, but up until now, provided little tangible meaning. We defined ‘Zenning It’ as being the smarter, more affordable, more flexible, simpler and more human way to choose, get and drive a new car, with each word (and associated imagery)  resonating emotively with the different target audiences we identified. One of ZenAuto’s previous challenges was connecting the Above the Line creative with other formats and channels across the funnel. So this time around we set out to execute a connected customer experience and narrative throughout.

The Results

Since October, by repositioning ZenAuto as a modern, digital lifestyle brand, we have achieved the following on Meta:

  • Over 17 million impressions (and counting)
  • Over 4 million users reached
  • Over 13 million video plays
  • Over 3.7 million Facebook and Instagram engagements across the ZenAuto pages and posts
  • Over +20,000 clicks to site

Across Search, since October, we have achieved:

  • Over 1 million impressions (and counting)
  • Over +140,000 clicks to site
  • +1,500 last click registrations to their site
    (increasing first-party data capture for ongoing business value )

In reviewing the previous creative vs new creative, we have seen:

  • Improved efficiency by decreasing spend by 10%, but maintaining our level of impressions (-1%)
  • 195% increase in Facebook and Instagram page and post engagement 

Gemma Bacon, Marketing Director at ZenAuto

“When we approached RocketMill about working with us on our paid media account we knew that we would be working with some of the best in the industry– what we’d not appreciated was the breadth of expertise within RocketMill that extended beyond digital marketing. 

Working with the strategy team was an absolute game changer for us. Together, we worked on ZenAuto’s brand strategy and set a clear vision, mission and set of values for the brand which has now become the north star for the business. The foundations laid by the brand strategy work were developed into a fully integrated campaign including a new TV advert which is already significantly outperforming ZenAuto’s previous advert from a conversion perspective. 

Bringing together – brand strategy, campaign creative execution and digital media strategy under one roof has brought about not only significant benefits for ZenAutos’s internal marketing team, but we’re also reaping the rewards with our KPIs too.”

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