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The brief

Piglet in Bed makes luxury linen products using sustainably-sourced natural materials.

With early access to Shopify’s new One Page Checkout, Piglet in Bed were keen to implement this new solution to further improve their customer experience.

In doing so, however, it was key that they did not lose their ability to track their customer journey, which was the default outcome of the new checkout experience.

To avoid this, they had two options: subscribe to a third party tool to handle tracking, which would mean incurring additional ongoing costs, or have custom code created and implemented instead.

And that’s when they partnered with RocketMill.

How we did it

Being a new addition to Shopify, developer guides were limited, and the functionality very different to how custom code was served in the checkout previously. Most notably, code is required to be installed in a heavily sandboxed environment and it was unclear what could be achieved, and to what extent.

Without official guidelines, we learned how the new checkout could serve custom code through persistent trial and error, and heavy QA-ing. Working with Shopify’s support team directly, we resolved the parts that did not work as intended and found innovative ways to compensate for some long standing code features that were no longer available with the new solution.

The result

By creating them a custom analytics and ads tracking solution, Piglet in Bed can now continue tracking interactions within their new and improved checkout experience, with the additional ability to measure the impact of continued refinements to their customer purchase experience through UX and CRO – all without needing to subscribe to a paid-for third party tracking platform.

Jonathan Turton, eCommerce Manager, Piglet in Bed

“We had the opportunity to move to Shopify’s new One Page Checkout early and doing so needed Analytical expertise from an agency who were able to work with limited information. The team at RocketMill was able to understand our Data Layer, scope what was needed with new functionality, advise on updated tracking to track efficiently and present solutions for when new functionality becomes available. Working closely with our development agency Wiro, we successfully moved GA4, Meta, OneTrust and bespoke checkout tracking without losing data; enabling us to track immediate improvements to the checkout without interruption.

RocketMill was able to synthesise complicated tracking and make it understandable with practical solutions.”

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