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Jobson Medical Information is a leader in providing scientific information, communications and education for healthcare businesses via multi-channel marketing campaigns. A core component of this process is the utilisation of their bespoke Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology, Jobson Profile Insights (JPI).

The brief

Since 2020, JPI has been collecting a wealth of first party data; with prospective customers connecting organically and through paid media campaigns to engage with and download content and register for events and webinars.  This has resulted in a culmination of rich and highly targeted sets of users that can be tapped into when such advertising partnership campaigns are required.

Looking to drive awareness of a high-value optometric product for one of their advertising partners, Jobson wanted to find a better way of utilising this data to target audiences showing the greatest interest in specialist optometric equipment.

The strategy

With more than eight websites specialising in different areas of healthcare, RocketMill partnered with Jobson to find a way of identifying user interest groups and, subsequently, users with the greatest propensity to convert. 

To do this, we analysed the available datasets, creating segments of these users in the JPI platform based upon the interest shown in specific content or products, building bespoke on-site banners and personalised email messaging based on the behavioural insights gained.

To maintain engagement with users showing most interest, we then planned nurture streams, activated through email and additional on-site content. 

Each segment was taken through personalised marketing campaigns by sending related content directly to their inbox and using their continued engagement to enrich the customer view through integrations and ongoing collection of data. Thanks to JPI, the activation of this messaging took place in real-time, when triggered by the actions of a user, at an individual level.

Below is the real-time flow in which users are moved throughout the campaign cycle and  further segmented in real-time, leading to the right message delivered at the right time for each individual:

JPI real-time flow

The results

By utilising JPI’s technology to segment audiences based on their behaviour across the customer journey, and nurturing them with content, offers, actions and email in real-time, we achieved engagement rates well above the industry benchmark:

  •  25% Click-Through-Rate from online banner to article
  •  68.5% Email Open Rate
  •  5.4% Email Click-Through-Rate

What’s more, the campaign delivered over 100 high quality contacts directly to the advertising partner website and sales team, enabling direct outreach and relationship building.

JPI Performance Dashboard

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