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First Central is an ambitious and agile car insurance company that prides itself on helping three quarters of a million customers save money on their car insurance every year. They also wanted to take the stress and hassle out of making a claim by allowing their customers to claim online through their “Your Account” page.

This was a simpler and much faster process that would help save a lot of time and hassle. Our challenge was to make a video that would help their customers better navigate the online claim process.


Having researched when and how people usually make a claim, we knew that it was probable that some people would be claiming directly after an accident, meaning that our video had to be as clear and as concise as possible with an emphasis on safety. Being in an accident can be extremely stressful so we needed to make sure that the claiming process wasn’t.


We knew that because of COVID -19 we were limited in our options for making a video and we didn’t want to use a typical “explainer video” animation-style, that would date and/or feel cliched.

We used stock imagery and video to make a very simple yet fun “how to” guide, promoting the ease of making a claim and getting back on the road in a way that was both compelling and easy to digest.


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