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Bedwetting is a source of deep anxiety and frustration, not just for children but for parents too. As the UK’s number one night time protection brand, DryNites® wanted to help ease these worries. Bedwetting is not a problem you can fix, children grow out of it naturally at different ages and the best solution is to find a stress free way of managing it so kids can worry less and get on with enjoying their childhood. Our challenge is to position DryNites® as that solution.


From audience research we identified 3 pain points associated with bedwetting:

1. Worry and anxiety before bedtime
2. A broken nights sleep
3. An upsetting start to the day

In addition to these pain points was the overwhelming concern parents had that bedwetting was having a detrimental impact on their little ones childhood.


Building from the insight, we focused on the emotional benefit of having or being a happy, worry-free child. By celebrating everything that’s awesome about childhood, our aim was to lift DryNites® above the anxiety that surrounds bedwetting and reposition it as a life-enhancing brand. Our story was a simple one, demonstrating how DryNites® provide unbeatable nighttime protection, addressing the 3 pain points so…

1. Kids can go to bed worry-free
2. Have a dry night’s sleep
3. And Wake up awesome!

The campaign was promoted by a fully-integrated campaign across TV, BVOD, OLV, Social, Display, Amazon and search with the endline “Awesome days start with DryNites®”.

Production Approach

Working with production partner Armoury, we curated a two-day ‘content bank’ shoot, aimed at capturing long lasting content that would be cater for all our marketing activity moving forward.

We set-up an A and B Unit. One focused on the hero TV creative, the other on digital content. This ensured we maximised the budget fully, and kept a consistent feel across all the outputs we created.


30″ TVC which went to broadcast February 2021

Pinterest Carousel

Brand Static Instagram Stories

DryNites for Camping 12″ OLV

Product specific Instagram Story


Awesome days start with DryNites® launched in February 2021.

Our previous DryNites® activity help grow the brand’s value growth by 7.5% and allowed them to hit record sales in 2020. We anticipate this campaign will help continue this positive trend.

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