How we attained 411% Amazon revenue increase for Huggies® Baby Wipes (while cutting ACOS by 82% YoY)

The Brief

The wipes category is an especially competitive one on Amazon, as the platform is saturated with a range of established competitors, as well as up and coming brands.

Kimberly-Clark, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal care products, had one main Amazon Advertising campaign promoting Huggies® Baby Wipes which was running at a high Advertising Cost of Spend (ACOS).

We were therefore briefed to:

  • Manage the Huggies® account on Amazon
  • Increase sales of Huggies® Baby Wipes on Amazon at a lower ACOS

RocketMill has become an invaluable partner to Huggies® across digital, but in particular, paid search on all platforms. They have transformed our campaigns, giving it a human touch and building trust with our customers. Our Amazon campaigns have been both insightful and hugely successful not only meeting objectives but outdoing them.

Scott Bodie UK Digital Acceleration Manager at Kimberly-Clark

The Approach

RocketMill’s media team began by reviewing the existing Amazon Advertising account in order to analyse the high and low performing attributes. Using these insights, we could begin to design and restructure the account.

Unlike traditional search platforms, Amazon calls for a unique approach with an overlying strategy and fully built campaigns to maximise its potential. We therefore segmented the account into brand and non-brand campaigns, focusing on Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Once baseline performance of the account was established, we could begin adding unique keywords and utilising Amazon’s different campaign types to maximise our presence across the different placements Amazon Advertising has to offer.

The Results

Having commenced managing the Huggies® Amazon Advertising account at the start of quarter two, we saw a dramatic and immediate uplift in results from quarter one as shown below:

  • 578% increase in revenue
  • 54% decrease in spend
  • 93% decrease in ACOS

RocketMill’s restructure of the Huggies® Amazon account produced equally impressive year on year results:

  • 411% increase in revenue YoY
  • 7% reduction in costs
  • 82% decrease in ACOS

When an account is set up on Amazon, it can often be left to run with little further action. However, our results for Huggies® demonstrate how a more tailored, more strategic approach can offer significant rewards.

In the future we will be looking to develop this approach, branching out and focusing on growing market share even further for Huggies® on Amazon.

Find out more about how our media capabilities could benefit your brand  here and for a further case study, read  here.

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