From brief to broadcast in seven weeks: With Breathe You Can.

The Brief

Breathe provides easy to use software that enables UK companies of up to 250 employees to effortlessly manage their HR admin.

During a particularly challenging period for SMEs, Breathe briefed us to grow awareness and consideration for its core HR product and drive trials and conversion. 

Our goal was to increase the number of companies using Breathe to over 9,000 by February 2021.

How we did it

We partnered with Breathe to create an integrated multi-channel brand campaign that communicated the emotional, rational and financial benefits Breathe can bring to any small business.   

  • Using our Total Performance approach, we formed a small, cross disciplinary team to work alongside Breathe and our production partners. This enabled a fast-moving, fluid creative and production process that was time and cost efficient. 
  • In under seven weeks, and for a production budget of just £32,000, a comprehensive bank of campaign assets was produced that demonstrated the brand’s message: ‘With Breathe You Can”.
  • The visual approach and messaging was created to flex across the entire customer journey, from brand to product and sales. Our creative construct (With Breathe You Can) enabled repetition of the brand name throughout communications and channels, building brand awareness while highlighting product benefits. 

Our media planning approach was made up of three strategic pillars: 

  1. Increase Brand Awareness: Using Sky Ad Smart and YouTube we expanded reach within the most receptive and high value sectors with proven brand awareness media. Sky Ad Smart ads were based on geographic location, job title and Experian data sets that aligned to our target audience. YouTube targeting was based on the most receptive industry and interest targeting. 
  2. Drive Brand Consideration: We identified the company and sub industry hit list for channel targeting and made use of Breathe’s first party data to create value based look-a-like targeting in LinkedIn and Facebook. We then used creative to take users on a journey from the hero brand video to sequential creative assets, building brand consideration and product understanding. 
  3. Maximise Quality Trial Volume: Using Search and Social remarketing, we created a custom data driven approach to pinpoint the highest value in-market prospects to drive incremental trial conversion.  

RocketMill were instrumental in the organisation and management of our “With Breathe you can” campaign. Their response to our initial brief was incredible and highlighted their commitment to the success of the campaign. It was a huge relief that with RocketMill’s knowledge and experience we saw not only an increase in reach and engagement but also conversions (both last click and view throughs) generated by the integrated campaigns, leading to a year on year record in free trials for February 2021.

Carl Sadecki Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

The campaign generated a record number of trials and impressive growth:

  • We exceeded our target of 9,000 customers, gaining over 10,000
  • Achieved YoY growth in trials:
    • 15% increase 2021 vs 2020 
    • 10% increase 2021 vs 2019 (pre-pandemic)  
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